The weather week in a quick check: Summer thunderstorms follow the heat

Cold front "Nana" initially brings fresh temperatures to Germany.

The weather week in a quick check: Summer thunderstorms follow the heat

Cold front "Nana" initially brings fresh temperatures to Germany. But warm air from Spain will cause a change in the weather from the middle of the week. Even peak values ​​over 35 degrees are possible, says ntv weather expert Björn Alexander.

The weekend after Corpus Christi, which - depending on the federal state - can also be a long weekend, has enormous heat potential. At least some of the weather computers for Germany have peak values ​​of over 35 degrees in the race. The decisive factor here is whether and to what extent the heat bubble over south-west Europe, which originated in the Sahara, can play a role in this country.

The starting point for the hot air would be Spain and Portugal, where sweltering heat of up to 43 degrees sets the tone at the start of the week. And while the weather on the Iberian Peninsula is gradually cooling down towards the middle of the week, some of the weather computers are toying with the idea of ​​transporting this heatwave - in a somewhat weakened form - directly to Germany via France.

Should that actually be the case, peak values ​​of up to 37 or 38 degrees are conceivable at the peak on Saturday. This roughly corresponds to the record values ​​for the second third of June, which are often in the range of around 34 to 38 degrees. So more is hardly possible.

And judging by the further calculations, it could be quite a significant heat spike. Because from Sunday onwards, the trends from the west will result in a noticeable cooling off with corresponding side effects due to heavy summer thunderstorms.

So it's a moving development that will pick up speed from Tuesday. Before that, the cold front from low "Nana" ensures fresher temperatures, which we should use for ventilation. From Wednesday at the latest, the 30 mark from the southwest will fall more and more often. And if the heat peak on Saturday - as calculated - is reached, then it would also be a full-fledged heat wave with at least three days of 30 degrees and more.

If you want to escape the values ​​of 30 degrees and more, the only way left is to go far north, where it is still rather early summer with around 20 to 26 degrees. Otherwise, midsummer will temporarily get you going. Here is the weather schedule for the new week

Monday night: risk of severe weather in the south

The cold front from low "Nana" causes a riot in the south. Heavy thunderstorms with severe weather potential are to be expected here during the night. There are also showers and isolated thunderstorms in the north, while the rest of the country will be dry and clear in some areas. It cools down to 15 to 9 degrees.

Monday: Thunderstorms will initially remain active

Especially over the northern half and in the direction of the Ore Mountains and the Alps, there will be some thunderstorms on the way first. But later it gets - similar to the rest of the country - more often friendly and dry. With a sometimes brisk wind, the temperatures reach maximum values ​​between 16 degrees in the northern lights and 26 degrees in Breisgau.

Tuesday: Summer picks up speed

In addition to the last rain in the north, things are mostly going well. We also feel that with the temperatures. They are on the way up with 17 to 28 degrees; with it being warmest in the southwest.

Wednesday and Thursday: sun and heat are in the fast lane

Apart from local heat thunderstorms in the south and south-east, summer is off to a great start and brings us not only plenty of sun but also rising temperatures. In many places it is in the summery warm to hot range between 25 and 32 degrees. Only the north is less overheated at 20 to 24 degrees.

Friday and Saturday: peak of the heat wave

Now the midsummer air could really spill over to Germany. The heat mark of 30 degrees is falling more and more often - on the Upper Rhine it is already permanently exceeded before the peak of up to 38 degrees on Saturday reaches the southwest. At the same time, the air in the west and north-west is becoming increasingly muggy and prone to thunderstorms, which should come to an end on Sunday due to cooler air.

Sunday and Monday: Severe weather sends summer offside

Of course, the forecasts are still quite divided about the details. However, the rough direction of travel is that cooler air will spread from the west and north-west with the risk of intense thunderstorms including heavy rain, hail and squalls. Currently, a maximum of 16 to almost 30 degrees would be at the start for Sunday. The following week starts - according to the current status - with 14 to 23 degrees.

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