Trailer for 'Halloween Kills: Oh my goodness, he's back!

Michael Myers: The essence of evil. This is not the hottest perfume of the season. Laurie Strode makes the chilling statement in the trailer for Halloween Kills.

Trailer for 'Halloween Kills: Oh my goodness, he's back!

You can view the trailer here. (Unnecessary Warning: There's Blood! Universal Pictures released the trailer on Thursday.

The film shows Michael Myers escaping death again and resuming his murderous rampage. Laurie Matichak's granddaughter, however, is ready to unite the community to stop Michael Myers.

Why did it take them so long? We don't know. Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role in the film, and will be joined by Anthony Michael Hall, Judy Greer and Kyle Richards from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".

  • "Halloween Kills," will be released October 15.

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