Travis Scott is accused of violating the Astroworld suit gag order

The attorneys representing some of the victims of last year's fatal Astroworld music festival filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that Travis Scott violated a gag in an attempt to influence jurors and repair his reputation in advance of a possible trial.

Travis Scott is accused of violating the Astroworld suit gag order

Scott's announcement earlier this month regarding Project HEAL, a $5million initiative that provides funding to help address safety concerns for large-scale festivals and events. Federal officials and Houston police are investigating whether Scott, Live Nation, and others have put in place enough safety measures.

My team and I started Project HEAL in order to support real solutions that make every event the most safe possible. Scott shared an earlier Instagram post in which he expressed his gratitude for the honor Scott gave to the Astroworld victims.

Bob Hilliard, an attorney representing Ezra Blount's family, stated Monday in court that Scott used his social media platform to address concert safety. This is one of many issues being discussed by the lawsuits.

Kristen Hawkins , State District Judge, has stated that lawyers can tell the media about facts that occur in court. However she did not want lawyers or other parties to present their cases in court of public opinion. This could influence the jury pool.

Scott's actions "did effect and dent power of your order," Hawkins told Hilliard. Hawkins is overseeing nearly 500 lawsuits after 10 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in the massive crowd surge at Scott's Nov. 5 concert.

Stephen Brody, one Scott's lawyers, stated that Scott's announcement regarding the initiative, which included funding scholarships, did not violate the gag order. Scott's lawyers argued that any attempts to stop him speaking on this topic or any other would violate his constitutional right to free expression.

Brody stated that such charitable efforts "have been a constant in his lifetime" and that "to suggest somehow, speaking about them... runs afoul... of the publicity order... is certainly no thing that would withstand scrutiny."

Hawkins was also informed by attorneys from ABC News that they believe the gag order is preventing reporters reporting on the lawsuits adequately. Some attorneys were reluctant to speak to factual issues in court documents or in court.

Hawkins was told by other attorneys that they were trying to reach an agreement to modify the gag order. Hawkins could also have a solution to the different concerns. She could present the resolution in a few weeks.

Hawkins stated, "I look forward seeing what proposals you have."

The concert's victims were aged between 9 and 27 years. Around 300 people sustained injuries and were treated on the spot. 25 of them were taken to hospital. Compression asphyxia was the cause of death for many.


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