Trey Songz is accused of "brutal rape" in a new lawsuit

The allegations were denied by a representative of the R&B singer who is currently facing two separate assault cases.

Trey Songz is accused of "brutal rape" in a new lawsuit

According to a civil lawsuit filed Tuesday at the Los Angeles County Court, Trey Songz was charged with anally raping a woman in California during a 2016 house party.

According to the lawsuit, the anonymous woman claimed that Songz had entered into a consensual relationship with her and she went to one of his house parties on March 24, 2016. According to the lawsuit, Songz, who is actually Tremaine Aldon Everson, invited the woman upstairs and asked her repeatedly if she would like to have anal sex. The woman claimed that he repeatedly refused and then stopped asking.

The suit claims that Trey Songz transformed almost instantly into a savage rapper after entering the bedroom. "Trey Songz threw Plaintiff Jane Doe on the ground, tore Plaintiff Jane Doe’s pants off, pinched Plaintiff Jane Doe face first, and forced Defendant Trey Songz’ penis into Plaintiff’s anus sans Plaintiff Jane Doe's permission."

The suit continued: "Plaintiff Jane Doe screamed and begged Defendant Trey Songz for an end."

The lawsuit claims that the woman called an Uber after the incident and then went to Providence Joseph Medical Center Emergency Care Unit Burbank, California for a sexual assault exam.

According to the suit, examiners determined that she had suffered severe anal tearing and that surgery may be necessary. NBC News could not confirm these details.

Songz's representative denied the accusations. Songz is also facing two separate assault cases. Lawyers for Songz filed a motion to dismiss an earlier lawsuit regarding Jauhara Jeffries. Jauhara was accused of assaulting Songz at a Miami nightclub in 2018.

Songz filed a complaint against Ariel Mitchell, who is Jeffries' attorney and the anonymous woman. She was accused of witness tampering. Songz allegedly tried to pay an unnamed witness more $100,000 to confirm the claims of the alleged assault in 2018.

"Earlier today, the lawyer who drafted this lawsuit was credibly accused by trying to pay a woman falsely accuse Trey," Songz's representative stated in a statement. "Hours later, the same attorney filed this suit for an anonymous client. It's easy to see the problem and it's a shame for real victims of sexual assault.

The spokesperson stated that the allegations made in the complaint were false. Trey is looking forward to the full disclosure of facts.

Mitchell stated that victims are "coming forward every single day."

She said, "Just know that you aren't alone and this behavior is unacceptable." She also stated that George Vrabeck, another lawyer representing Jeffries, and the anonymous woman "will not be discouraged by bullying or intimidation tactics" and would continue their pursuit of Justice for Trey Songz's sexual assault victims.

Mitchell claimed that the allegations in Jeffries' lawsuit were defamatory and libelous.

"The allegation has no merit and is a desperate effort to shift the narrative away Trey Songz’s consistent pattern predatory behavior. Mitchell stated that Trey Songz has an egregious history of attacking women. This includes me.

"I look forward seeking justice for my clients who were assaulted and abused by Trey Songz. Because it never happened, the claim against me has no merit or evidence.

Representatives of Songz were unable to comment on Mitchell’s statement on Tuesday.

Police said that the R&B singer is being investigated by authorities regarding another allegation concerning sexual assault in Las Vegas. Songz spokesperson previously declined to comment.


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