Two Germans among the victims: wreckage of missing plane located near the Himalayas

Around 10 a.

Two Germans among the victims: wreckage of missing plane located near the Himalayas

Around 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, a plane with 22 people on board took off from Pokhara, Nepal. A little later the contact breaks off. Military rescuers are now finding the crash site. There were also two Germans in the plane.

The missing passenger plane in Nepal has been found, according to the army. A search team found the plane wreckage and reinforcements are on the way, army spokesman Narayan Silwal said on Twitter. An aerial photo of the wreckage shows parts of the aircraft scattered across the mountainside, and the tail number is clearly visible. Military search and rescue forces in Nepal have so far recovered 15 bodies.

An employee of the rescue team on site at around 4000 meters told the dpa that the chance of finding survivors was very small. The scene is heartbreaking. Among the 22 inmates were two Germans from Hesse. According to dpa information, the two should also be among the victims.

Radio contact with the machine was lost around 10 a.m. on Sunday morning shortly after it took off from the western city of Pokhara. In addition to the three crew members, there were 19 passengers on board the DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, including two Germans and four Indians.

The Tara Air plane was en route to Jomsom, a popular mountain trekking base in the Himalayas just 20 minutes from Nepal's second largest city of Pokhara, when it lost contact. According to the flight controller, the machine was at the time over the village of Ghorepani, which is a good 2870 meters above sea level.

Aviation in Nepal has been booming for years and is being expanded for both tourists and freight transport. However, safety standards are low due to insufficient staff training and poor maintenance of the machines. The European Union has banned all Nepalese airlines from its airspace.

In addition, the Himalayan state is home to some of the most remote and difficult airstrips. The weather in Nepal's mountains can change quickly and create dangerous flying conditions. The Pokhara-Jomsom flight route is considered one of the most accident-prone routes in Nepal.

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