Uni Grips Top Three Spots of July 4th B.O. 'F9’ Crosses $100M In Record Time Update with 'Boss Baby 2 & 'Forever Purge

UPDATED Friday Midday: Refresh to get updatesThe following is Universal's weekend box office grip:

Uni Grips Top Three Spots of July 4th B.O. 'F9’ Crosses $100M In Record Time Update with 'Boss Baby 2 & 'Forever Purge
  1. HTML9(Uni), 4,203 theaters (+24), Fri $17.5M (-75%)/3–day$22.2M(4-day) (-68%)$30.4M/Total$123.4M/Wk 2
  2. Boss Baby - Family Business (Uni), 3,640 theaters Fri $6.8M/3 day$17.5M/4-day and Total$23.2M/Wk 1
  3. Forever Purge(Uni), 3,051 theaters, Fri $4.4M/3–day$10M/4-day and Total$12.5M/Wk 1

F9 Is crossing the$100Mmark in eight days. This made it the fastest movie to cross the mark during the pandemic.A Quiet Place Part IIThe 15-day journey took us to this milestone. These figures are subject to change as we travel throughout the weekend.Purge ForeverIt appears to be reaching its 3-day projection spot on withBoss Baby 2Its $15M 3-day projection is already ahead. This title can also be viewed on the Peacock streaming site. Eighty percent are currently open in the 5,88K U.S./Canadian exhibit theaters.

Forty-four states allow cinemas to operate with no restrictions on capacity. Washington, Idaho, New Mexico and Colorado still have distancing rules. The Canadian cinema hub Toronto is still closed in Ontario until late July. According to my sources, Regal will reopen Arclight Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles County on July 7. Harkins has increased its chain capacity to 100%.

We will keep you informed as more information becomes available throughout the weekend.

UPDATED Friday AM:Universal released not one, but two wide-release previews on Thursday night as they entered the four-day Independence Day weekend with DreamWorks Animation and Universal.The Boss Baby - Family Business?Blumhouse'sThe Forever PurgeGrossing$1.3 MillionOne per person

For those who want more technicality: Boss Baby 2 made $1.31M at 2,700 theatres from shows that began at 4 p.m., while Forever Purge, at 3,051, made $1.33M from 2,550 shows that started at 7 and ended at 7 p.m. Both Boss Baby 2 and Forever Purge are looking to make $15M or more, while Forever Purge, at 3,051, is hoping for $10M+ in three days. The July 4th holiday will not be a great day for the box office. Instead, try to find a Sunday that is less busy as people head out to holiday celebrations and barbeques.

Universal, together with F9's second weekend, which is expected to bring in around $28M, will hold the top three box office spots. This marks a first for Universal since Sony, February 11-13 2005, with Hitch, Boogeyman, and Are We There Yet?.

F9led all films Thursday with $4.94M. This is 2% less than Wednesday's 4,179 theaters. The Justin Lin-directed sequel finished at $93.1M in its first week.

Boss Baby2 was short of its first installment regarding Thursday previews. The 2017 installment made $1.5M from 2,700 locations, which began on March 30, 2017, at 5 p.m. DWA signed a distribution agreement with 20th Century Fox, which resulted in a $15.6M opening and $50.2M weekend. The sequel is available on Uni's streaming service Peacock's top two subscribers pay tiers. However, distribution professionals aren't expecting it to make a lot of money as it's still in its infancy. Peacock had 42M subscribers for both pay and ad-supported subscribers for Q1 2021. This was an increase of 33M from the previous quarter.

Critics don't like Boss Baby at 49% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, they aren't fans the original movie, which was terrible at 53% Rotten.

Forever Purge preview money is the lowest in the franchise. It's the fifth movie. The Purge series preview cash is ordered as follows: 2013’s The Purge ($3.7M on Thursday night, 10:05 p.m.), 2014’s Purge Anarchy (2.6M at midnight Thursday start), 2016’s Purge: Election Year (3.64M, Thursday night), and 2018’s The First Purge (2.25M Tuesday night at 7:45 p.m.). First Purge and Purge Election Year were opened during the July 4th holiday period. First Purge,which was launched on Wednesday, made $17.3M in three days and $31.2M in five days. The franchise's stateside opening record stands at $34M for the first Purge, which was released in 2013. Purge Election year debuted at $31.5M in three days and $36.1M in four days. Purge Anarchy was opened at $29.8M.

Forever Purge's 50% Rotten Tomato score is the same as its predecessors but better than the initial Purge (39%). Anarchy (57%), Election Year (both 56%) and First Purge (1st Purge) are other RT scores.

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