"Victoria's Secret Karen" freaks out at being filmed

It's the return to Victoria's Secret of the Karens.

"Victoria's Secret Karen" freaks out at being filmed

The internet referred to a woman as "Victoria's Secret Karen" and she broke down crying, pretending to be unconscious, after Ijeoma Ukenta accused the " Karen " of trying to hit the woman.

The viral video shows the blonde woman who caused a scene at a Millburn, New Jersey lingerie shop. She began to sob and cry on the floor shortly after Ukenta started recording.

Ukenta, a black woman, claimed that the aggressor was the other women. Her attitude changed instantly and she started playing the victim as soon as Ukenta started rolling the camera.

On tape, you can hear her yelling at Ukenta and complaining about being recorded. She chases her around the shop in an apparent effort to stop filming.

According TMZ Ukenta claimed that she continued filming despite the woman’s advances and alleged threats to her in order to defend herself until police arrived. The outlet reported that she was afraid of false accusations from the woman and needed video evidence to prove it.

According to police, the alleged attacker claimed that Ukenta was screaming at her to stop filming as she was afraid the video might be posted online and she would face legal consequences.

The clip went viral after the incident. It has received over 70,000 Twitter likes and more than 2,500 comments.

Ukenta stated that all she wanted was to get a pair of panties for free from a deal offered by the lingerie chain. But instead she had to face the anger of Karen. A representative of the Essex County Prosecutors Office informed TMZ in an update that they were investigating whether any laws had been broken during the exchange.

In recent history, the woman is the latest victim of Karen-ness. A woman attacked Uber driver earlier this year after she was told to wear a mask inside his car. These Karen attacks led to people being "canceled", or even losing their jobs.

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