Warner Music has purchased David Bowie's vast music collection.

NEW YORK (AP), The vast music collection of David Bowie has been sold by Warner Chappell Music. It spans the period from the late 1960s through just before his death in 2016.

Warner Music has purchased David Bowie's vast music collection.

There are more than 400 songs included, including "Space Oddity", "Ziggy Stardust," and "Fame" from 26 Bowie studio albums. The posthumous album Toy is also included. Two studio albums by Tin Machine and singles taken from soundtracks are also included.

The financial details of the sale have not been released. Warner Chapell, the music publishing arm of Warner Music Group Corp. Bruce Springsteen sold their catalog to Sony Music last month at a reported $500million. Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan are just a few of the others who have sold their catalogs over recent years.

David Jones, who was born in London in 1947 as David Bowie, passed away in January 2016, after having been battling cancer for 18 month. Bowie was a performer with an unpredictable style, mixing European jadedness and American rhythms, as well as his changing personas. Bowie, a gaunt and intelligent performer, brought an open theatricality to popular music and an androgyny that redefined what it meant to be a rock star. In 1996, he was inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Warner Music Group and the Bowie estate reached a deal last year that granted Warner Music worldwide rights to Bowie’s entire recorded music catalogue from 1968.

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