Wet weekend: hurricane remnants shovel up another 30 degrees

The next few days will bring alternating showers and thunderstorms.

Wet weekend: hurricane remnants shovel up another 30 degrees

The next few days will bring alternating showers and thunderstorms. The weather calms down for the new week and it is getting summery again, especially in the south. But it is probably no longer enough for a sustainable summer comeback, as forecast by ntv meteorologist Björn Alexander.

ntv: The summer seems to have to give way now - will we be accompanied by showers and thunderstorms at the weekend?

Björn Alexander: Strong thunderstorms, wind and rain are still possible on Saturday. Meanwhile, Sunday is calmer. In terms of temperatures, things will continue to be rather cool, before it can get very warm again next week, sometimes even hot.

How about next week's summer comeback?

A former hurricane is responsible. Because while "Danielle" is currently still turning over the Atlantic as a full-fledged tropical storm, it will then move in the direction of Europe. Although it weakens here, it still ensures plenty of movement in the weather kitchen.

With what effects?

A direct effect is a fairly rough to stormy weather situation in the southwest of our continent - so plenty of wind in Portugal and Spain. At the same time, the tropical storm, which had degraded to a low by then, was still shoveling warm to hot air on its front end in Central Europe. Temperatures will rise again noticeably from Monday. Even around 30 degrees are possible in places.

Another heat wave?

Not as of now. On the one hand, the capacity of the high summer air in mid-September cannot develop as extremely as in July or August. At the same time, some of the weather computers see the former tropical storm moving towards the British Isles. This means that showers and thunderstorms will probably spread quickly again in Germany and undermine a sustained summer comeback.

Key word: sustainable. Is the recent rain fall just a drop in the bucket or will September be a real easing on the drought front?

The experimental long-term forecasts of the American Weather Service now rate September as clearly too wet. And that also coincides with other, longer-term weather trends. For example, the calculations of the GFS model up to September 24 in Germany currently often show rainfall totals of 30 to 70 liters per square meter - sometimes even up to 100 liters. In this respect, we can be hopeful that there will still be some rain in September.

How much rain would have to fall to completely overcome the drought?

The big problem is that since 2018 we have had a fairly constant drought situation in some regions, especially in the deeper soil layers. In order to counteract this correctly, the required amount of rain should be in the order of 300 to 600 liters per square meter. And this is best distributed over four to six weeks as a steady rain.

From the rainy weather wish list back to the weekend weather, what are the details for Saturday?

The day is most likely to be friendly in the north-east, with only a few showers. Otherwise the clouds are denser and, especially in the south-west half, the sometimes brisk wind is accompanied by heavy rain, thunder and lightning. With the predominantly gray and partly wet weather, the coolest day of the weather week awaits us with 15 degrees in the Eifel and up to 21 degrees in the east.

And on Sunday?

The last rain will fall in the southeast and towards the Alps. In the rest of the country, however, it is nicer and drier. In addition, the temperatures climb a bit and often reach 16 to 23 degrees.

What does the new weather week bring us?

From Monday to Wednesday it will often be friendly to sunny and dry after the local early fog patches have cleared. It's getting warmer all the time. The temperatures often reach 19 to 28 degrees. In the west and southwest there are peaks of around 30 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday.

When do thunderstorms occur?

According to the current status from Wednesday afternoon, but no later than Thursday. They will spread to the east by Friday and end the renewed summer advance with maximum values ​​of 15 to a little over 20 degrees.

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