What Might Harry Styles's New Beauty Line Look Like?

Harry Styles could be launching a beauty manufacturer new.

What Might Harry Styles's New Beauty Line Look Like?

The nature of this company is called"wholesale of cologne and makeup," that could mean anything from nail polish to eyeshadow to lip gloss, together with shapes recorded as director. Naturally, we have some thoughts. So, let us have a deep dive into what a wonder brand may look like under the creative direction of Harry Styles.

1. What's in a title?

According to Companies House, the business was registered under the name of Pleased As Holdings Limited, which might suggest the brand is going to be known as Pleased As. Let's go with that for now. Based on Merriam-Webster,"as pleased as Punch" is an idiom derived from the puppet show Punch and Judy, popular as a seaside attraction. Now the term is used to denote a fantastic sense of pride or pleasure, which feels fitting to get a beauty brand in a world that celebrates makeup as a source of pleasure and imaginative expression.

2. Who's it for?

Everyone, of course. An urge for gender fluidity and self-expression, Styles is not one to shy away from breaking down social norms. Working alongside stylist Harry Lambert, the 27-year-old star can be seen on point and at red-carpet occasions at boundary-breaking outfits by Gucci or gender-fluid designer Harris Reed, who launched their own beauty collaboration with MAC earlier this year.

In terms of makeup, Styles is certainly no stranger to it, working a complete beat on the cover of Beauty Papers this past year and frequently seen sporting nail polish. Note the alternative black and teal appearance he wore for the 2019 Met Gala. All this points to a brand with a solid message of inclusivity, one which plans beauty with a sense of play, freedom and creativity. Where do we register?

3. What would a Harry Styles beauty manufacturer look, feel, smell and taste like?

First, let us discuss visuals. I'm seeing pearls, leather, rhinestones and strong 1970s references--a camp mix of masculine and feminine, underlined by a rock'n'roll sensibility. Recall his look for this season's Grammys? It's that combination of soft and harsh, an unapologetic attitude bottled in packaging that is sustainable, and possibly shot by Tim Walker, the mastermind behind the album cover for Designs' Fine Line. In terms of makeup artists, celebrity has worked with several over time, from Lou Teasdale back into his boyband days, to Gucci's Thomas de Kluyver and Lucy Bridge on his album visuals, all of whom are renowned because of their daring approach to color and ability to think outside the box.

If it comes to goods, the entire world is Styles' oyster. Can he make such as Kylie Jenner with a lip kit or will he begin with a vast assortment of foundations such as Rihanna's Fenty Beauty? Alternatively, he could do as Kim Kardashian failed, and concentrate on eyeshadow palettes. As I attempt to telepathically read what he might be thinking, I'm seeing visions of Glossier-style, multitasking products: lotions that work as blusher, eyeshadow and a lip tint all in a single.

In terms of colors and textures, I am imagining a wide variety--something that starts off normal but can be built up into something bolder if wanted, and possibly a pearlescent option if his matches are anything to go by. And all made from natural, cruelty-free, vegan components, because of course, he cares about Earth just as far as he cares about his fans.

Nail polish will likely come after, with every color named after a different song. In fact, come to think of it, every Styles song appears to be a beauty product: Cherry, Watermelon Sugar, Golden, Kiwi, Sunflower. Has he been trying to tell us something along?

Finally, moving to the realm of perfume feels only natural for someone who starred in the effort for Gucci's unisex Mémoire d'une Odeur. So, what does Styles smell of? My guess is an intoxicating blend of leather, teenage tears and"strawberries on summer evenings."

4. What if I got that all wrong?

Obviously, there is a small chance I might be confused. In fact, Pleased As, a wonder brand by Harry Styles, may never come to fruition. If it does, it will no doubt be a roaring success. And if it does not, tough luck, it's been trademarked, but this was fun. Whatever the case, as one Styles stan sets it"If we're going to be able to say,'I'm sporting ___ by Harry Styles,' you will not ever hear from me again."

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