Why are so many Bachelor alums taking out PPP loans?

The CARES Act provided funding of almost $700 billion to small business owners in March 2020 through the Paycheck Protection Program. This was to help small businesses survive the unprecedented unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Why are so many Bachelor alums taking out PPP loans?

The boundaries surrounding the legislature have become blurred since the law was signed into law. Many people, including celebrities and rich , apply for loans to help them survive the unprecedented period of unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Surprisingly Bachelor Nation joined the chat, causing a real discussion about the possible uses of federal loans by celebrities from ABC's dating program.

The coronavirus caused a worldwide shutdown of small businesses. This led to income slowing down or even stopping completely. Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, which distributed billions of dollars in financial aid to businesses. This was in addition to the tax-paying Americans. Although most of the funding was used in accordance with the instructions, the release and use of PPP loans allowed for fraud and scamming. This led to a disturbing increase in fraud investigations and sentencing across all classes.

Bachelor Nation also participated in the PPP loan program, raising questions about whether influencers who have steady cash flow might need assistance from government. A Vulture report has revealed that many Bachelor alum have applied for federal funding through PPP loans. Tayshia Adams was awarded $20,833 for her LLC Tayshia Adams media. Colton Underwood received $11,355 for his nonprofit foundation. Lauren Burnham Luyendyk, Arie Luyendyk Jr. earned $20,830 for Instagram Husband. (Bryan Abasalo also received $15,000 of funding. However, it is not known if the money was intended to be used for his Miami-based patient-care chiropractor practice. Dale Moss also applied for a loan to his LLC, but has yet to receive his payment.

was there to witness the extravagant lifestyles of these reality TV stars. Now, fans are wondering why they need federal loans and how the money will be used. While many influencers are trying to defend themselves against the backlash, others have spoken out in an effort to clarify the purpose of government aid. Tayshia's team quickly reacted to the controversy by explaining that the PPP loan was taken to ensure that the former Bachelorette's sole worker would be able get paid a living wage.

"As a business proprietor, TV and podcast host, Tayshia was able to obtain a PPP loan that allowed her to hire an employee (someone previously unemployed). To whom she offers market-based compensation and benefits," Tayshia's team stated in an official statement. Tayshia made a commitment to her employee for the future, even though she has exhausted the PPP Loan funds.

Colton had his own words to say about the allegations of scamming. His representatives claimed that he had not received any money from the $11,000 loan as it was all going to his nonprofit organization, The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation.

"Colton's nonprofit applied for the PPP loan following their annual fundraising events being cancelled due to COVID," representatives said to TMZ to respond to the scandal. "Colton did not receive any of the PPP. Colton has not received any payment from the foundation. All proceeds go directly towards cystic fibrosis patients.

Although Bachelor Nation fans may not be convinced that many of them needed the loans, the government will ultimately decide if they were legitimate. If the feds detect any hint of PPP fraud, they will take swift and severe action. Related criminal charges include making false statements to financial institutions and bank fraud. Both of these can result in significant fines and lengthy prison sentences. Things could quickly get very dark.

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