William Zabka Teases the Season 4 Team-Up

"I think he's purged at that instant. There's an emptiness [in] it, but he is enabled..."

William Zabka Teases the Season 4 Team-Up

So much, in actuality, the unthinkable has occurred; Daniel and Johnny are finally pushing their differences aside to choose John Kreese (Martin Kove) together.

Yes, Cobra Kai is often a fun series with tons of laughs and some super cool fight sequences, but it's always successfully woven in just enough fair drama to reflect the genuine human experience. So while Season 3 does tee a level of devotion from Daniel and Johnny to combine their dojos to take down Kreese once and for all, it can't be that simple. There's still loads of background between them, differences in their fighting and teaching styles, and many more possible complications.

While continuing to disperse the Cobra Kai adore, Zabka joined us to get a new episode of Collider Connected. Yes, the dialogue does concentrate on The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai a pretty fantastic deal, but it also gave us an chance to discuss how Zabka's journey in the market started and a number of his less-talked-about titles, such as his Academy Award nominated short film, Many . We'll have that complete conversation for another week, but while we wait, how about a small tease of the conversation? Maybe the part of it that concentrated on what to expect from Johnny in the start of Season 4?

The last time I spoke with Zabka, it had been ahead of the Season 3 launch. Obviously, he couldn't reveal any Season 3 particulars at the moment, but he was able to provide us a sense of what is to come by detailing Johnny's headspace at the very end of Season 2. So this time around, I opted to take the exact same approach to get an idea of where we could see Johnny at the beginning of Season 4. Here Is What Zabka needed to say when discussing how Johnny feels about his team-up with Daniel in the Season 3 finale:

"It is a complex feeling. For one, Daniel just pretty much saved him. Kreese was just going to out him. So, I think he's purged at the moment. There's an emptiness [in] it, however he is empowered with Daniel and there is a fantastic feeling of burying the hatchet. But there is also an intensity. They have a frequent foe in Kreese now. Therefore the feeling of this was a relief in a feeling of,'I have a spouse and we have the same goal here. But we have a lot of work to perform, and there's still a great deal of history . And we are both different.' And perhaps it's like,'We want this to work, and now here we go. '''

So that's how Johnny's setting rolling into Season 4, but what about Zabka and the rest of the Cobra Kai cast and crew? While they did find a great deal of success when the show was operating on YouTube, the change to Netflix increased the fanbase exponentially.

"It's just encouraging. It is like, you have a good show and you have a matinee and the drapes shut and people are applauding and they enjoy it, and you know you have got the day show coming now and you've gotta go out and you know there's a feeling of,'Okay, it's working. They like it,' and a new sort of energy. It feels good. It feels good when it's working. However, as an actor, my job is to stay in the micro of it. You can't be tricked by that. You can not be looking at this. It's like, if you are a baseball player and you're up at bat, you can not look to the left and see who is at the stands. You have gotta keep your eye on the ball. So, we're all doing that, keeping our heads tucked. The authors are doing their thing and we are putting our hearts on our selves and beating up our arms and shooting large and wide and the tales are wide and deep. I believe we're gonna deliver a great Season 4"

If you're looking for more out of Zabka, stay tuned! We will have his complete Collider Connected interview for you next week and it includes specifics about his first Karate Kid audition, his appearance How I Met Your Mother, and much more.

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