YouTuber Trevor Jacob intentionally crashed a plane to film, FAA investigation finds

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a YouTuber crashed his plane in 2021 in order to use the footage in a video. Jacob's YouTube channel has nearly 2,000,000 views since December. It has 134,000 subscribers.

YouTuber Trevor Jacob intentionally crashed a plane to film, FAA investigation finds

After Trevor Jacob's plane crashed in Los Padres National Forest, November 24, 2021, Trevor Jacob, a snowboarder, was under investigation by the FAA.

CBS News obtained a letter from Jacob stating that the FAA's investigation revealed that Jacob had attached multiple cameras to the plane outside, pointed in the direction the propeller. This was "in order to capture video footage of the outside as well as the inside of the aircraft during flight."

Jacob claimed that the engine had failed. However, Jacob did not attempt to jump out of the plane or to look for landing areas. He also didn't try to contact Traffic Control to report the emergency frequency.


The letter states that you jumped out of the plane while holding a selfie stick attached to your camera. You also continued to record the descent of the aircraft. "After the crash, you recovered and then disposed off the [plane's] wreckage." However, he did take pictures.

According to the FAA, Jacob was "careless and reckless" in putting others' lives or property at risk. They have revoked his private pilot license.

Jacob's most-viewed video is the crash video. He has only uploaded one YouTube video since. His YouTube channel often features skydiving, and other extreme sports such as snowboarding.

Jacob said to CBS News, "The FAA made some amazing observations" when he was asked about his investigation into the FAA.

CBS News was not contacted by the FAA.


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