"Constantly depressing": A Ukrainian town watches the war in Ukraine closely.

Toretsk, in eastern Ukraine, has been again at the forefront of war. Residents are put at risk by even the slight crackling of a plastic water container.

"Constantly depressing": A Ukrainian town watches the war in Ukraine closely.

Andriy Cheromushkin, resident, said that "anything is happening, any noise - if our neighbours bang on the door, a steel door, you're shocked." "You feel so helpless."

Half of the 32,000+ residents have fled. Many of those who remain do not have the basic resources or money they need. Along with the anger, depression is on the rise.

"I collect rainwater. Yes. I cook with the rainwater. This water is what I use to cook my dog's food. This water is used to clean the floors. This water is used to wash the clothes. It cleans the house. It is normal. It's the 21st century. "The nuclear power century!" declared resident Irina Anatolievna.

On Monday, she waited in line along with other tired residents for water distribution. People walked away carrying bottles as they saw monuments to World War I or II.

Toretsk was last in conflict after Russia invaded it in 2014. It was then captured by pro-Russian separatists. Later that year, Ukrainian forces retook the city.

Now the mining town is just a few kilometers from the separatist-controlled part of the Donetsk region. The advance of Russian forces is being resisted by Ukrainian forces not far from the mining town.

Residents said that the explosions and sounds made by artillery were loud.

It isn't easy to get away. Some people are older. Some are elderly. Others, such as Cheromushkin have no job.

Cheromushkin stated that "you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, let or next minute." Tatiana, his wife, described the situation as "constantly depressing."

Vasyl Chynchyk is the head of Toretsk's civil and military administration.

"The enemy is clever. He said that the enemy does not care about infrastructure and doesn't care much about civilians. "The enemy acts intentionally, using intimidation and mass shelling."

He said that the most important task is to evacuate residents as soon as possible, while the town remains calm.

Evacuation takes energy and Tatiana claims she doesn't have any.

She said, "I believe it will end soon." "They will reach some sort of agreement."


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