German officials condemn climate protests on roads and port

German officials condemned Monday's protests by climate activists, who blocked roads near the country’s largest port.

German officials condemn climate protests on roads and port

Uprising of the Last Generation members gathered near Hamburg and Stuttgart to protest food waste. According to the group, wasting large amounts of food is a contributing factor to climate change and hunger.

Bavaria's top security official stated that such blockades were not covered by freedom to assembly

Joachim Herrmann, a conservative Christian Social Union member, told Germany's Funke media that "to massively hinder people's mobility or stop the movement of goods it is a serious violation of the law."

Omid Nouripour (head of Germany's Green Party environmentalist) expressed support for peaceful protests, but warned that the blockades could weaken support for climate change mitigation measures. He also criticised the activists for their threats to intensify their protests if the government does not meet their demands by Sunday.

Germany is still not on track to reduce its planet-warming gas emissions.
These blockades recall the
protests by Insulate Britain last year, which obstructed many major roads in the U.K.


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