John Dickerson discusses Zelensky's leadership and how to make courage contagious

He was a TV actor before he became the president of Ukraine. Zelensky is now a president that actors all over the globe would love to portray since the Russian invasion.

John Dickerson discusses Zelensky's leadership and how to make courage contagious

Zelensky stood firm against Russian claims that he had fled his country.

"We are all together, fighting for our Independence and our state!" It will continue to be. All praise to our defenders All hail Ukraine "
He refused to accept a U.S. offer for escape after being targeted as an assassin. He said, "I need ammunition. Not a ride."
He told leaders of the European Union, "This may not be the last time that you see me."

They increased their sanctions against Russia because of his appeal for help.

His dedication to a nation that was free for only 30 years reaffirmed the resolve of democracies that are just as old.

It's a story of heroism. Without an audience, it would not last very long. Followers have a say in the direction they are being guided to, and leaders are made from them. The Ukrainians were quick to echo the sentiment.

Ukrainians stood up to tanks

Ukrainians robbed Russian cars.

Ukrainians returned home to fight for their country.

This is what Viktor Frankl saw last time that evil was burning Europe. He was a Nazi concentration camp survivor who wrote: "Everything is possible from a man except one thing: The last of the human freedoms, to choose one's position in any given set. To choose your own path.

Zelensky instead illuminates the world stage, what Vladimir Putin tried to do.

Ukrainians aren't squatters living off Soviet scrap. They are human. We are watching their leader and them make the fundamental choice that defines what it means for us to be human.

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