Reacting to Russia's attack on Ukraine, former presidents of the United States responded

With the exception of Trump, all of the former presidents of the United States have made formal statements condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion Ukraine.

Reacting to Russia's attack on Ukraine, former presidents of the United States responded

Ex-presidents of both Republican and Democratic parties described the Kremlin’s attack as "brazen", "reckless", "the graveest security crisis on Europe since World War II" as well an "unjust attack on Ukraine's sovereignty." The President of the United States, Joe Biden , issued new sanctions against Russian financial institutions on Thursday. He called Putin's attack "premeditated."

Former President George W. Bush stated that Russia's attack against Ukraine is the most serious security crisis facing Europe since World War II. "I am joining the international community to condemn Vladimir Putin's unprovoked, unjustified invasion in Ukraine. America's government and people must stand with Ukraine and its people in their struggle for freedom and their right to choose their future. We can't tolerate the threat and authoritarian bullying that Putin presents."

Barack Obama, former President, stated that Russia attacked Ukraine not because Ukraine was a threat to Russia but because the Ukrainian people chose a path for sovereignty, self-determination and democracy.

Obama stated that "For some time now we have seen the forces division and authoritarianism gain headway around the globe, mounting an attack on the ideals democracy, rule of laws, equality, rule of law and individual liberty, freedom expression and worship, as well as self-determination." "Russia's invasion in Ukraine is a clear example of where these dangerous trends can go - and why we must not ignore them."

Obama asked Americans to support the efforts of Mr. Biden to sanction Russia, regardless of their party affiliation.

Critics of Obama pointed out that he mocked Mitt Romney in 2012's presidential debate for calling Russia the greatest geopolitical threat. Obama stated that the "1980s" were now asking for their foreign policies back at the time.

Former President Bill Clinton stated that Putin's "war on choice" has ruined 30 years worth of diplomacy and put millions in grave danger.

"The world will hold Russia, Russia alone, economically and politically responsible for its brazen violations of international law." Clinton stated that he stood with the Ukrainian people and prayed for their safety.

Former President Jimmy Carter was president during the Cold War. The Soviet Union was still intact. He said that Russia's "unprovoked attack against Ukraine using military-cyber weapons violates international law as well as the fundamental human rights for the Ukrainian people."

Carter stated, "I condemn the unjust attack on Ukraine's sovereignty that threatens security throughout Europe and the whole world, and I urge President Putin to stop all military action and restore peace." The United States and its allies must support the rights of the Ukrainian people to peace, security and self-determination.

Trump, the predecessor to Mr. Biden, has not made a formal statement regarding Russia's invasion in Ukraine since it occurred , although he did appear on Fox News when the invasion began.

The ex-president claimed that it all happened because of a rigged electoral process to Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Putin called the situation "terrible," but said he "wanted to do some thing and negotiate, and it just got worse."

"And then, he saw the weakness. Trump stated, "And you know it really began, I think with weakness in Afghanistan," referring to the chaotic U.S. withdrawal that occurred at the end August.

Trump called Putin "pretty clever" at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser Wednesday night, before the attack began.

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