Rep. Michael McCaul: The threat of Russia's invasion of Ukraine: "I just hope that this isn't the beginning of World War III."

Representative Michael McCaul is the Republican leader on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Rep. Michael McCaul: The threat of Russia's invasion of Ukraine: "I just hope that this isn't the beginning of World War III."

He was among those who got the most recent briefings on the Russia/Ukraine crisis. McCaul stated to CBS Mornings that Russia launched an attack on Ukraine that was unprecedented in recent decades.

He said, "We are seeing an air-, land-, and sea attack taking place right now, with artillery, with aircraft dropping bombs and missiles and also from the Black Sea. Destroyers shelling the coast." "We haven’t seen anything similar since Hitler invaded Poland during World War II. This isn't the start of World War III, I hope.

McCaul stated that Putin has declared war on the whole country, and that diplomacy is no longer necessary.

There is a lot of speculation, but he will only go so far. It is clear to me that he wants Russia's entire breadbasket back. He has always wanted Ukraine and now he is testing the president with this full-fledged invasion."

The NATO, the western military alliance, is not a NATO member. McCaul stated that if Ukraine had been a NATO member when Russia attacked, it would have been drastically different.

"If they were, then we would have had a full-fledged conflict with NATO against Russia. In this case, we don't have it. We have however provided and signed off on the military weapon sales to Ukraine: Javelins, ammunition, and sniper rifles. McCaul stated that this is only the beginning of what they expect to see as resistance in Ukraine.

While the U.S. has sent a small number of troops to NATO nations, President Biden has stated that he will not send troops into Ukraine. McCaul stated that Americans should pay close attention to what is happening in Ukraine and how it could affect other situations.

"This isn't just about Ukraine. This also concerns President Xi, China, and Taiwan. Just returned from Israel, this is about Iran and their pursuit of nuclear weapons. It's also about Kim Jong Un and his rockets being launched in North Korea. McCaul said that it was all interconnected. McCaul stated, "We must come together now, Republicans as well as Democrats to create a strong sanctions package. We have never seen anything like it."

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