Russian advances slow in Ukraine as thousands flee Ukraine

Kyiv - After three days of fighting Ukraine continues its resistance to Russia's relentless assault. 

Russian advances slow in Ukraine as thousands flee Ukraine

Saturday's statement by the United Nations stated that at least 240 civilian casualties had been confirmed.

Oksana Markarova was Ukraine's ambassador to America. She told reporters that Ukrainian forces had destroyed 102 Russian tanks and 14 fighter jets, 11 helicopters and 15 artillery pieces. 536 armored vehicles were also destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

The ambassador stated that "We are defending homes, we're defending families, democracy, and we are defending the sovereign choice we made, but we are also protecting Europe."

Christina Ruffini, CBS News correspondent, reported Saturday that people had gathered at a border crossing station between Ukraine and Poland to try to enter Ukraine for the first time since Russia's attack on Thursday. Many of these men were veterans who wanted to fight again. Fears of a refugee crisis are heightened by the fact that thousands upon thousands of Ukrainians have fled their country.

While many residents were still living in Kyiv's capital, fled to underground metro stations while Russian forces launched coordinated missile and artillery attacks on key locations in the city. Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, had warned Friday night of the possibility that the city would fall to Russia overnight. Instead, fighting broke out on the streets of Kyiv after Ukrainians stood up for their country.


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