A new survey finds that parents' mental health has a negative impact on their children's work performance.

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the mental health of children across the country.

A new survey finds that parents' mental health has a negative impact on their children's work performance.

A new survey, released Tuesday, found that these challenges also affect parents' work lives.

The survey, which was conducted by the child advocacy group On Our Sleeves, found that 53% of parents had missed work at most once per month in order to care for their children's mental well-being. 54% however, have taken time off work to attend to their child's mental needs.

A survey found that parents worry about their children's mental health even when they are not at work.

Marti Bledsoe, executive director at On Our Sleeves, stated that parents are "missing work" and "interrupting work," and this was even true when she spoke to Nate Burleson, "CBS Mornings" host.

Many parents claim that their concern about their children's mental health increased during the pandemic. This was when both working from home and homeschooling were disrupted their lives.

Bledsoe Post stated that while parents are used to multitasking, the last few years have seen an increase in multitasking efforts.

Bledsoe Post stated that behavioral health specialists with On Our Sleeves found that parents' concerns and children's health have been increasing for many years.

She said, "So if you look back to look ahead, we must be prepared for new adjustments as the life after the pandemic changes continue to change."

Bledsoe Post advised parents to have honest conversations with their children about mental health and to seek out resources at work to help remove stigma.

She said that children have the same mental health needs as adults. Half of all mental disorders in life start before age 14. "If we can have this conversation together, with coaches, counselors, teachers, and in the workplace," she said. Employers can then join us in finding solutions for their employees and help them be more productive on the job.


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