China announces its first coronavirus-related death in more than a year

China is believed to be the origin of COVID-19. It is now reporting its first deaths from coronavirus related illnesses since January 2013.

China announces its first coronavirus-related death in more than a year

Two COVID deaths were reported by authorities in the area on Saturday. They involved elderly patients suffering from underlying conditions. One patient was not vaccinated against this virus.

These deaths occur as China fights its worst virus outbreak in two years. These deaths also occur as stark contrasts emerge in global fight against the virus, as another variant -- BA.2 - develops.

Globally, the number of cases has increased by 8% in the past week. However, the number of COVID cases has fallen dramatically in the United States over the last month. Los Angeles is the nation's second largest school district and it is currently preparing to remove its mask mandate.

Moderna and Pfizer are asking for approval from the FDA to give them a fourth dose each of their COVID vaccines. Michael George reports for CBS Saturday Morning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have already recommended fourth doses of vaccines for certain patients.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated that "The CDC recommends fourth doses for immunocompromised patients" but it has not been... approved for other populations.

Moderna would like to offer its fourth shot to all adults, while Pfizer desires its boosters to be made available to people over 65.

Millions of people are still not fully vaccinated despite the fact that nearly 65% have been vaccinated in the United States.

"We have reached the pivot point. It is up to us how well we pivot. "All of us," stated U.S. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra. "And so, if someone asks me if things will go well, I'll answer them by asking: Will everyone do what they can?"

Becerra, in a conversation with The Associated Press Friday, urged vaccinations for even more people before the deadly BA.2 variant strikes.

He said, "If everyone does their bit, then yes. If not, get ready for a wild ride because this thing is taking our on a wild adventure." "COVID is difficult to manage, and we have learned that COVID can throw anything at us. So be prepared."

Although we are still at the beginning stages of the BA.2 variant, it doesn't appear to be any more severe than Omicron. Research also shows that the current vaccines provide good protection.


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