Does Weed make you Break out?

By the time, the number of weed consumers is increasing, the more questions about its impacts are raising

Does Weed make you Break out?

By the time, the number of weed consumers is increasing, the more questions about its impacts are raising. The most heard question is its impact on skin. Many say that smoking marijuana can cause acne because it makes skin oily, but some say that it is healthy for the skin. What is the real cause? 

Well, this article will answer all your queries related to the impact of weeds on your skin. So, let’s move on and discuss Does weed make you breakout?


What Impacts can Marijuana Cause in your skin?

Weed isn’t considered as cancer-causing, but smoking the combination of tobacco and cannabis can be carcinogenic.

Following are impacts caused by smoking Marijuana:

THC in Cannabis increases the testosterone concentration in the human body, which results in causing Acne.


Does weed make you break out?


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most potent element in weed. The testosterone level in a human body increases when these elements make their way to our body when we smoke cannabis. As a result, the oil glands of our skin produce more oil which then causes acne problems.

Due to the increase in testosterone level, those who frequently consume weed also face hair loss issues and unrequired hair growth in other areas of the body. If the testosterone level of our body increases to 3%-5% more, then it may not impact as hair loss or acne because it is too limited. These impacts can occur due to high consumption of Marijuana.


Another critical factor to consider for these causes is the relation between Acne and high-glycemic-index foods. Those who are more focused on foods and drinks are more likely to face skin problems.

Smoking Marijuana can make your skin look older

Recent studies have shown that THC potentially protects against carcinogens as Nicotine does. Smoking weed is harmful because it releases the same carcinogens as cigarette smoke does. The production of fresh collagen gets suppress when these hydrocarbons enter in our body. Moreover, if someone is going through skin diseases like rosacea or psoriasis, then weed smoke can play a significant role to make it much worse.

Is smoking weed can impact positively on the skin?

The Internet is filled with dozens of information and debates related to the effects of weed on skin. However, weed contains THC, which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and has the characteristics of anti-aging.

Apart from its THC level and increasing concentration of testosterone in the human body, cannabis has also known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Where some studies have proved that smoking weed slows the collagen production, now there is new scientific evidence that THC also contains Anti-ageing properties. Doctors recommend using Vaporizer if you want to seek the anti-aging benefits of Cannabis.

Further studies have shown that many inflammatory skin diseases can be treated with Cannabinoids. However, this experiment was done on mice. There is no evidence found in which the study was implemented to treat human skin disease.

Lastly, whether you smoke weed or cigarettes, there is no difference in terms of its impact on skin.


“Does weed make you break out?”

Finally, we have explained all the negative and positive impacts of marijuana on human skin. For further clearances, you must figure out the pros and cons of a different method, and then choose the one which protects you from chronic skin diseases.

As per the suggestion we have given, you can use a vaporizer to protect your skin from cancer-causing effects.

Well, we would highly recommend you to do some in-depth research before smoking weed and choose a method which helps to protect your skin from diseases. Study the negative and positive impact of weeds and make your choice wisely.

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Date Of Update: 15 October 2019, 21:09

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