How a typical smartphone can control your children

Nowadays there will be hardly anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone.

How a typical smartphone can control your children

Nowadays there will be hardly anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone. Yes, there can be variations on it like someone might be owing to a basic smartphone while other might be an iPhone. But more or less everyone owns it or in the process to get one.

So, the question is why don’t use the same smartphone to make things easy for other stuff. For example, parental control, managing our daily bills, using it as a remote to control home appliances and several others. This list can keep on increasing and we may talk sometime later about it.

In this post, we are going to talk about how a smartphone can help in parental control. To make it simpler, how it will help you control your children.

Let’s start and see the 5 best practices when you can control your kids using just a smartphone with an internet connection. We will be using a parental control app here called Hoverwatch which is a leading parental control software for parents.

1.Control whom they can talk

You can control whom your kids can talk using a smartphone with the Hoverwatch installed in it. Hoverwatch phone tracking app allows you to check the call history of the phone where it has been installed and get you the details like who they have talked, the duration of the call, frequently called contacts and much more. Then you can scan the list and can block the numbers which they should not send/receive the call.

2.Manage what they can browse

If you have the smartphone, it’s almost impossible for you not to browse the websites/blogs or the online resources available. But the thing is, the intranet is mixed with both good and bad stuff and so you should take care of it. You are an adult and so, you will be knowing what is good or bad. But your kids won’t be able to know and so, here Hoverwatch will help you. You can block certain segment of websites or individual websites which you think will be harmful to them.

3.Locate where they visit

Again here the Hoverwatch phone locator will help you. All these features come with a single app and you can access all those just by paying once. Here the phone where the app has been installed can be tracked and located in real-time. You can try android phone locator to locate the location of your kids in real-time.

4.Assign tasks

Yes, you can assign them the tasks and track those tasks easily using the Hoverwatch app. This will help those parents who won't be with their children all the time and so being remote also, you will be able to assign the tasks like a door opening, attending someone at the door etc. which they can do easily.

5.Monitor your children

This is an excellent feature through which you can monitor their phone screen and even you can record it also as you need. Just schedule it through your parental dashboard and at the designated time, the app will start taking a screenshot or recording the screen as scheduled. Even if the internet connection is not active, it will work and will upload it once the connection will be made.


This was all about how to control and monitor your children with a simple smartphone. These apps and features help even more when parents are working and they are not able to watch their kids all the time.

Try Hoverwatch and explore the valuable features they are providing to the parents to enjoy the parental control.

Updated Date: 11 June 2020, 07:00

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