How CBD Affects Your Mental Health

How CBD Affects Your Mental Health

Mental health illnesses are growing exponentially in number, especially since the past two decades. Research shows that a third of the US population is affected by a mental health illness. Out of this, 15-20% experience chronic diseases such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

The mental health industry has shown commendable progress with the rise in illnesses as well. But since most advanced therapies are reasonably beyond the reach of a minimum wage worker because of the expenses, people look towards other self-treatment options.

CBD is the most widely used alternative for expensive mental health medications and shows promising results. Surveys show that over 30% of adults in the USA use CBD, and over 20% use it for mental health conditions.

The Effects Of CBD On Your Brain

There are more than 80 different compounds found in Hemp and Cannabis plants. And the most active two compounds are THC and CBD. Known for its psychoactive properties, the Federal Drug Authority banned the use of cannabis because of the THC present.

But more recent research and studies that prove the medicinal benefits of CBD have allowed for leniency in state and country laws worldwide. FDA permits the use of CBD products with less than 3% of THC for medicinal uses.

People using CBD for mental health conditions report instant relief from their symptoms. It alters the neurological pathways of your mental health illness symptoms, calms, and relaxes your mind and body.

Experts worldwide agree that CBD's effects on your brain are due to it's on Endorphins. Though there is a lack of enough evidence to know how it works, two significant theories are widely believed today.

The first group of experts believes that CBD alters the secretion of Endorphins by the brain. When your brain releases more Endorphins, it induces soothing and calming effects. However, this is the theory with quite a few loopholes.

The second and more logical theory about CBD's effects on your brain is that it affects how your body reacts to Endorphins. Meaning that it does not alter the number of Endorphins being released, but it changes your reaction to the ones already present in your body.

Side Effects Of CBD

Although the side effects of CBD are not clearly worked out with the research and studies we have today, there is little to be worried about. The most clinical side effects of CBD usage only go as far as diarrhea, nausea, and heavy headedness.

Still, the cases reported regarding the side effects of CBD mostly have a third factor involved. Either the user has specific allergies, has used CBD of a different potency than intended, or was under the influence of another drug as well.

So far, CBD is one of the safest alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine available for mental health conditions. The pills used for treating depression and anxiety come with an array of severe side-effects. Some of them include paranoia, hallucinations, addictive behavior, crankiness, and temper issues.

When you compare that to CBD's side-effects, it really does come out as the shining alternative. However, you should never self-medicate and cut off your prescribed medication for CBD without consulting your therapist.

Uses Of CBD

With the recent leniency in drug regulations, many different CBD products have entered the market. Starting from CBD patches and CBD vape juice, it covers everything till CBD oil and CBD pens.

You can use them with ease and take these products along you anywhere you go. This has further eased the usability of CBD for patients looking for a natural and affordable treatment plan.

Coming over to the leading mental health issues, CBD is most widely used and recommended for, let's get started with our list.


Depression is a mental health issue we are all well acquainted with. It can build up from stressful environments and situations and affects all spheres of your life. Taking away your ability to function properly through the day, you can no longer keep healthy relationships and be productive at work.

The use of CBD among patients experiencing depression bears commendable results. With 70% of users reporting an instant decrease in the triggers and symptoms of depression, it is getting serious attention for use ever since.


According to recent surveys, anxiety has crossed depression as the most common mental health illnesses across the US. Though anxiety can stem from depression, it's symptoms are much severe as it includes panic attacks and even seizures in extreme cases.

Statistics show that anxiety patients tend to be admitted to mental health care facilities and receive supervised treatments.

Delta-8 from CBD genesis is very effective in treating anxiety among patients as well. Just about 25mg of CBD use for a month showed a decline of 50% of patients' symptoms and difficulties.


States and countries around the world rapidly authorize CBD for medicinal uses. Though there is a lack of data still, the available records suggest it to be one of the safest alternatives to various modern medications.

And as I mentioned above, never cut off your prescription drugs right away without consulting your therapist. It may have diverse and severe side-effects.

Date Of Update: 28 July 2021, 04:27

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