Is It Possible To Be Hurt By A Defective CPAP Device?

Is It Possible To Be Hurt By A Defective CPAP Device?

The injuries caused by problem CPAP machines can be severe. Patients can feel headaches, chest pain, dry mouth, trembling, and chills at night. They may not be able to control their breathing, and they can get exhausted very easily. They can wake up in the morning feeling tired and weak. There are also times when they are so afraid that they might have slipped and fallen, and awakened in a hospital.

Ways a patient could be injured by CPAP machines

Two ways that a patient can be injured by a CPAP device include the machine itself and the inherent problems with the machine over time. Basically a CPAP redirects the airflow to the throat when sleeping. If the airflow is redirected incorrectly, it will hit the face and result in injury. The other way is through indirect damages.

An example of indirect damage is indirect memory foam. When a patient lies down on the machine and the airflow hits their face, the foam moves. This will cause pain. It may even cause temporary memory loss. That is why it is so important to have the device properly installed and, if there are any problems, have them looked at immediately.

Inappropriate use

A patient may also be injured when CPAP is used inappropriately. One common problem is when the machine is used while asleep on a bed. Some doctors and dentists feel that the system works best when patients are on their side or their stomach. That is why patients who are injured while sleeping may sue. There are cases where the dentists and other professionals responsible for a patient's care did not follow standard operating procedures, and they caused harm to a patient.

Interfere with certain medications

There are many other ways that CPAP devices can hurt you. For instance, it may interfere with certain medications. CPAP machines are not intended to replace all prescriptions, but they help make them less cumbersome. If you have an injury or are injured from an accident because of this, then you may have a case against your doctor or manufacturer.

Find a medical insurance company

If a CPAP device injures you, and it was not your fault, then you should have no trouble finding a medical insurance company willing to pay for your medical bills. There are companies out there who understand how hard it is for people to pay for their medical bills to help if they can. Just make sure they know exactly what you were doing in the accident so they can give you a full settlement. Sometimes the injury isn't that severe, but it can still hurt. If you can prove that it was an accident, then you may have the chance to recoup some of your losses from the insurance company.

File a CPAP lawsuit

If a CPAP device injures you, and the claim is from the doctor, then you may be out of luck. Most doctors won't take these claims because they don't know how to process them. Only about twenty percent of all cases are going to be covered because doctors rarely process these claims. If a CPAP device injures you, the best way to get your compensation is to file a claim with the doctor and your insurance company.

Filing a CPAP lawsuit is an effective way to seek compensation for your injuries and to help ensure that manufacturers of CPAP machines are held accountable for the injuries caused by their defective products.

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