Kathy Hochul is New York's first woman governor

Kathy Hochul was elected the first woman governor of New York on Tuesday night at midnight. She took control of the state government, desperate to return to business after months spent distracted by sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo.

Kathy Hochul is New York's first woman governor

In a short, private ceremony at the New York State Capitol, Janet DiFiore, the chief judge of the state, swore in the Democrat from Western New York as governor.

She told WGRZ, a Buffalo television station that she felt the "weight of responsibility" upon her shoulders.

"I'll tell New Yorkers that I'm up for the job. She said that she was proud to have been elected their governor.

Hochul's rise to the top was historic in a capital where women are only just beginning to challenge a male-dominated political culture.

Cuomo left office at 12:00 a.m, two weeks after he announced he would resign rather than face a likely impeachment battle. Late Monday, Cuomo submitted his resignation to the Senate and state Assembly leaders.

On his final day in office, Cuomo released a pre-recorded farewell address in which he defended his record over a decade as New York's governor and portrayed himself as the victim of a "media frenzy."

Hochul was to perform a ceremonial swearing in Tuesday morning at Capitol. This event would be more extravagant than the short, legally required one during the night.

She was scheduled to meet with legislator leaders later in morning and give a public address at three o'clock in the afternoon.

A majority of New York's most powerful officials will be women for the first time. This includes Andrea Stewart-Cousins (state Senate Majority Leader), Attorney General Letitia James and DiFiore, chief judge. The Speaker Carl Heastie is the leader of the state Assembly.

Hochul will face immense challenges when she assumes control of an administration that was criticised for its inaction during Cuomo’s final months.

COVID-19 is making a comeback with nearly 1,370% increase in new cases since June. As schools return to school, hospitalizations continue to rise.

There are big decisions ahead regarding whether to require masks or vaccines for specific groups or whether to reinstate social ditancing restrictions in the event of an outbreak. Hochul said that she supports making schoolchildren wear masks, in contrast to Cuomo who claimed he did not have the authority.

The economy is still in flux. The economy remains unstable. Although jobs that were lost in the pandemic are now coming back, unemployment is still double what it was two-years ago.

New York also has struggled to get federal assistance money into the hands tenants who are behind on rent due to the pandemic. The state released only 6% of the $2 billion budgeted. If the state lets eviction protections expire, thousands of households could lose their homes.

Hochul is also being questioned about her ability to change New York's culture of governance, after a Cuomo administration which favored charm over force.

Cuomo's resignation comes after an independent investigation overseen by state Attorney General Letitia James concluded there was credible evidence he'd sexually harassed at least 11 women.

Cuomo used his farewell remarks to make a bold statement, claiming that the report of the attorney general that prompted his resignation was intended to be a political firecracker about an explosive topic.

He said, "There was an international media and political stampede."

Cuomo also claimed that he was a bulwark for his party's left-wing, which wants to defund police and demonize business, and boasted about making government more effective during his time in office. Cuomo cited his efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and legalizing same-sex marriage. He also mentioned raising the minimum wage to $15.

"I tried my best to deliver for you," Cuomo said.

Some critics dismissed Cuomo’s comments as self-serving.

Yuh-Line Niou (an Assemblymember from Democrat) tweeted that he had a hundred millions opportunities to grow as a leader and "Chose his own every time." Goodbye, Governor Cuomo."

Melissa DeRosa was Cuomo’s top aide. She released a statement stating that the governor was looking at his options after he leaves office but had "no interest" in running again for office.

Cuomo will not resign.

Cuomo's aide claimed that Cuomo touched her breasts. The Albany County Sheriff's Office has received a complaint. Cuomo was also subject to a legislative investigation. This probe looked into whether Cuomo misled the public regarding COVD-19 deaths at nursing homes. He did this to protect his reputation of a pandemic leader.

This was in the wake of Tropical Storm Henri which narrowly missed Long Island but dumped rain on the Catskill Mountains, Hudson Valley and Hudson Valley.

Hochul will have to quickly create her own team to guide the administration over the next 16 months.

Hochul claimed she did not work with Cuomo, and was unaware of the harassment allegations. She has pledged that no one will ever label her workplace "toxic."

Hochul stated Wednesday that he has a different approach when it comes to governing. He said, "I get my job done because there is no time for distractions, especially since I am in this position."

Announced Monday the appointments of two top aides. Karen Persichilli Keogh, Secretary to Governor, and Elizabeth Fine, Chief Legal Counsel will both be appointed by her.

To allow her to interview new candidates, she said she would keep Cuomo-era employees on the job for 45 days. However, she stated that she will not let anyone who behaves unethically be kept.

Hochul has stated that she will run for a full term next years and is expected to choose a left-leaning New York City politician to be her lieutenant governor. Hochul was once a representative of a conservative Western New York congressional district for one year. She is now known as moderate.

Jay Jacobs, the Chair of State Democratic Party, praised Hochul for being "formidable."

He said, "She's extremely experienced and I believe she'll make a refreshing new governor."

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