Source says Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback, tested positive for COVID-19

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback, has been confirmed positive for COVID-19 by a source to ESPN. He will not play Sunday against the Kansas City.

Source says Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback, tested positive for COVID-19

Sources confirmed that Rodgers was unvaccinated by the NFL since the beginning of the season. This was first reported by NFL Network.

Rodgers and cornerback Isaac Yiadom were placed on the reserve/COVID-19 league list. On Wednesday, the NFL stated that it would investigate how the Packers handled the COVID-19 protocols.

If Rodgers is found to be positive for any reason, he must remain in quarantine for at least 10 days. He cannot return to the hospital until Nov. 13, if he continues to be symptomatic.

Sources tell ESPN that Rodgers, 37 years old, received an alternative treatment before the start of training camp. He then petitioned for the NFL to grant him the right to receive the same treatment as someone who had been given one of the approved vaccines. After much back-and forth, Rodgers, 37, was granted an exemption by the league, players union, and infectious disease consultant. He was not eligible for the same consideration, and will be considered unvaccinated.

Sources claim Rodgers uses masking protocol when interacting with coaches and players at Lambeau Field's headquarters. Rodgers doesn't wear a mask in the media auditorium for his weekly and post-game news conferences. Other unvaccinated Packers players have been placed on Zoom rather than attending in-person media sessions.

Wednesday's statement by the NFL stated that they were aware of the current situation in Green Bay and would be discussing the matter with the Packers.

Brian McCarthy, a spokesperson for the NFL, stated that each club is responsible for enforcing COVID protocols in club facilities. In the past, individual clubs have been disciplined for failing to enforce the protocols.

Rodgers, the reigning NFL MVP said that he was "immunized" when questioned about his vaccination status.

Rodgers stated at the time that there was a lot more conversation about it in the league and that there were many players who made statements but not statements, and owners who made statements. "There are some guys on the team who haven't had their vaccines." It's an individual decision. I won't judge these guys. There are COVID-infected men who have been vaccinated. It's an interesting topic that we'll see play out throughout the season."

Later, he added that he liked to know everything about what he was doing. There was also a lot of research into this. However, I mentioned that there have been positive tests and that it isn't just vaccinated people. It will be fascinating to see how things develop. There could be issues with non-vaccinated people being tested every other day and vaccinated persons only being tested every two weeks.

On Wednesday, Matt LaFleur, Packers coach, refused to comment on the vaccination status of any player or coach. Rodgers' use "immunized", he was asked if he misunderstood.

"That's a great question for Aaron," LaFleur said. "I won't comment on it."

LaFleur stated that he didn't know if Rodgers was suffering from any symptoms, and spoke to Rodgers only briefly Wednesday.

Jordan Love will make his debut against Kansas City in Rodgers’ absence.

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs quarterback, wished Rodgers a speedy recovery.

Mahomes stated that Rodgers would not be facing him on Sunday. "I have been watching his game for a while. I think I have a similar style. It is always a goal to be the best. I hope he is healthy and that it isn't too difficult. He'll be back stronger than ever.

Blake Bortles, the veteran quarterback, is expected to fly to Green Bay on Wednesday. He will sign to the practice squad and then be eligible to play on Sunday, according to a source who spoke to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Bortles was on Packers' roster from the summer that Rodgers reported back to training camp.

The Packers (7-1) are on a seven-game winning streak, and they are tied with the Rams (14 games) and Cardinals (16 games) for the best record of the NFC.

Rodgers is the Packers second star player who has tested positive during the last week. Davante Adams, the Packers' second star player, was not able to play last Thursday due to a positive test. LaFleur hopes Adams will be back by Thursday.

After being considered a close contact to Adams, receiver Allen Lazard missed last week’s game. Kurt Benkert, practice squad quarterback, tweeted Tuesday that he was suffering from COVID-19. He was then placed on the reserve roster. The COVID-19 protocols meant that Joe Barry, the team's defensive coordinator, was not available on Monday.

LaFleur stated that the Packers were not yet in the league's intensive protocols despite the positive Rodgers test. However, they have been following many masking and distancing rules.

LaFleur stated that he is confident that all protocols were followed throughout the season by both players and staff.

LaFleur stated, "I watch what they do." "I can only speak for our football space but yes, absolutely. There are cameras all around. It's a great job by our guys. It's just too bad. This can happen to anyone, it's just not something that is impossible. It has happened to many people outside this building.

Aaron Jones, running back, who lost his father to COVID-19 complications on April 6, said that he didn't question the decisions made by teammates regarding the vaccine and did not criticize Rodgers' leadership.

Jones stated, "I don’t believe it’s selfish to not get vaccinated." Jones said, "It's not selfish for some guys to not get vaccinated." They don't believe they are committed to their team. Like you said, he's our leader. He is 100% committed to the team, just as everyone else in this locker room.

Love was the No. During offseason, Love was the No. 1 quarterback representative while Rodgers skipped all team activities.

"Well, we'll discover, right?" LaFleur answered when LaFleur was asked if Love was ready for the start. He's been hard at work every day, and Luke Getsy [quarterbacks coach/passing games coordinator] does a fantastic job getting him ready. Although the majority of his reps were on the Scout team, we do try to get him to practice with the other scout teams. We try to take what they have on the cards and run it in our terms. This helps the development process. He takes each rep seriously, which I know.

Caesars Sportsbook has changed the line dramatically for Sunday's game. As of Wednesday morning, the Chiefs opened as 2 1/2-point favorites. They had fallen to pick 'em at that time. The Chiefs now stand at 8 points, with 48 points total, down from 55 points on Sunday.

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