The Dangers of Pests In Your Home (and How You're Exacerbating It)

A home in Orange County will have different visitors than a home in Suffolk County.

The Dangers of Pests In Your Home (and How You're Exacerbating It)
Pest troubles? You're not alone.

There is a good chance that 30-200+ species of arthropods are living in your home. Right now.

Each home is different depending on climate and environment. A home in Orange County will have different visitors than a home in Suffolk County.

Most insects are completely harmless. These include your common house spider or ladybug. The pests create a mutually beneficial existence because they eat or deter other pests.

Yet, what about the creepy crawlies we don't appreciate?

Pests like:

  • Fleas
  • Snakes
  • Roaches

... those attributed to danger and disease. 

Do you realize part of their presence is from your lifestyle and home items? Read on to learn what's attracting these bad pests and what you can do to keep them at bay.

Like a Moth to a Flame: How Homes are Attracting Pests

You don't intend to attract pests to your home. But, you do so anyway through everyday activities. This can range from a simple oversight of how you're disposing items to full-on neglect.

Here are some common ways pests are attracted:

  • Food debris -- Food left out on counters, uncleaned spills, or exposed garbage inside or close enough to an entrance.
  • "Tracking in" -- A trip to a wooded or affected area lets the pests hitch a ride; this can include visitors both human and pets.
  • Moisture and warmth -- A moist, warm area is the perfect home and breeding ground for pests; this may result from improper heating/cooling and ventilation.
  • Problematic foundation -- Cracks and openings in the foundation; some insects will diffuse pheromones to let others know to come on in.

Once inside, insects can rapidly multiply leading to an infestation if they're not handled quickly.

How to Rid a Home of the Nasty Pests

Time is of the utmost importance when combating household pests. How can you rid the home of these nasty pests?

Get the Pros

You may notice a single bug but lurking in crawl spaces could be hundreds more. Pests hunt other pests so a spider problem could soon become a rodent problem.

Moxie pest control in Orange County recommends a general pest package. This package offers protection from most household pests. The package prevents a "feeding ground" of activity within your home.

Keep the Friendlies

There are good pests in or around your home, like:

  • Bumblebees
  • Aphids
  • Ground beetles
  • Lacewings

These insects prey on other pests. They won't harm your garden or home, either. Check your local organic supplier to buy these bugs in bulk.

Ways to Keep the Creepy Pests at Bay

A DIY sprinkle of insecticide or calling on pro services once is a temporary solution to a bigger problem. Pests will return because it's impossible to kill them all.

What can a homeowner do to keep the place free from pests after it's been treated?

  • Clear standing water -- Damp areas are a perfect breeding ground for household pests; drain and dry all areas with standing water as a precaution from attracting the buggers.
  • Cut out the clutter -- Remove unneeded items from around the home to prevent giving pests a cozy home to occupy.
  • Tame the brush -- Slash and hack away at brush found throughout the yard; prevent regrowth with fending and artificial mulching.
  • Do a deep clean -- Schedule a deep clean for the entire home at least once a month; get into those hard to reach/difficult areas.
  • Create a parameter -- Clear plants coming into contact with your home as these create easy access to the home.

These, combined with pro services, are your best bet for eliminating the bad pests. But, keeping the good ones to prey on the nuisances. 

Act fast, though, because it doesn't take long for an infestation to overwhelm you and your home.

Date Of Update: 23 March 2018, 14:46

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