The U.S. now offers 4 additional free Covid tests online will be used by the Biden administration to send another round of home antigen testing. This effort was initiated during the December omicron surge.

The U.S. now offers 4 additional free Covid tests online

As part of the Biden administration’s efforts to increase coronavirus testing, Americans can now order four additional free Covid-19 antigen tests at home from

This program was developed in partnership with U.S. The program was launched by the Postal Service during the December omicron surge. The fourth round of test shipments will be free for those who enter their U.S. address at A new order can be requested by households that have already received a test package from the site.

In his State of the Union address last week, President Joe Biden announced the addition of free tests.

He said, "Even though you have already ordered your free tests tonight," and that you could order more at beginning next week.

Reporters for NBC News ordered two batches of Covid-19 test kits on Monday. However, a message on their website advises anyone who has ordered Covid-19 tests in the past to "check back later" to place a second order.


The Postal Service declared last Wednesday that it had shipped 270 million test kits in 68,000,000 packages to American households since January , when the shipments began.

The statement stated that "The Postal Service immediately pivoted from a successful peak holiday season in 2021 to focus on the delivery America's COVID-19 testing kits."

NBC News reported that tests were in short supply and highly in demand at the height of the omicron variant’s spread in the U.S. during January. However, Covid rates have plummeted and there is now less supply.

The Biden administration began requiring that insurance companies reimburse individuals for up to eight Covid tests at-home, over-the-counter, per month.

Biden announced a "test to treat" program at pharmacies. This will allow pharmacists to immediately issue antiviral prescriptions for Covid-positive people.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , an average of 3.8% of Covid test results were positive as of Friday.

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