Trestolone Review; Why It Better Than Testosterone

Popularly known as Ment, Trestolone has developed a great reputation over the last couple of years for being a safe,

Trestolone Review; Why It Better Than Testosterone

Popularly known as Ment, Trestolone has developed a great reputation over the last couple of years for being a safe, potent steroid. Due to its absence from the market for many years, its limited supply, and lack of enough high-quality steroids on the market, it has grown in popularity among steroid users.

However, Trestolone popularity is not down to enterprising OTC supplement companies or push by black-market dealers like most of the AAS; its popularity is down to legitimate medical research that has proved its potency and safety.

Ment recent allure and interest has been generated by the research-based pharmaceutical company Schering and the Population Council, in their research into Ment for the purpose of hormone replacement therapy and male birth control. This resulted in the discovery or a potent steroid that has unique elements that encourage muscle building.

Chemically identified as 7-apha-methyl-nortestosterone, Ment belongs to the 19-nor family of steroid compounds and was originally developed in the 1960’s. However, despite its close association to 19-nor class of steroids, Trestolone displays several characteristics of Testosterone. This is more evident in its role in male sexual functioning.

Any experienced steroid user knows how notorious the 19-nor family of drugs are in causing sexual dysfunction in men. Side effects such as the inability to obtain an erection and low libido led to some steroids in this family such as Trenbolone and Nandrolone being nicknamed “Deca-d**k” and “Tren-d**k.” (Those who suffer from these effects do not find this humorous)

However, this is where Ment differs; in fact, Trestolone is the only steroid in the market today that is capable of enabling a man to have normal physiology in the absence of testosterone, including sustaining an erection. This vital trait qualified Ment for consideration as a hormone replacement therapy and male contraceptive. How Trestolone Works?

Trestolone exhibits a high binding affinity for the AR receptor, greater than that of testosterone and Nandrolone. It is quite different from testosterone as it does not convert to DHT and has almost zero affinity for SHBG. By avoiding binding of SHBG and DHT conversion, more of the active compounds in Ment is able to reach its projected target at androgen receptor thereby accelerating the process of muscle growth.

For bodybuilders who want to build strength and lean muscle mass while simultaneously reducing excess body fat, Trestolone is the best steroid. It is a versatile compound that can be stacked alongside hormonal enhancers to achieve optimal results in muscle growth thereby enabling you to get your desired body physique.

Benefits of Trestolone

- It enhances muscle growth

- It doesn’t result in estrogen conversion

- You can stack it with other hormonal enhancers to enhance muscle growth

- Does not bind with SHBG

- It boosts body strength

Trestolone Side Effects

Just like with any anabolic steroid, Ment does have its potential side effects. While many of its users have reported minimal side effects, it is good to have an idea of what to expect.

Possible side effects include:

- Aggression

- Increased acne

- Gynecomastia (enlargement of male breast)

- Hair loss

- Water retention

- Fat gain (this happens when PCT is not observed)

- Enhanced blood pressure

Because of its ability to aromatize, it is a good to keep a decent aromatase inhibitor (AI) on hand while on-cycle to counter any excessive estrogen.

As aforementioned, Trestolone was originally researched as a candidate for male birth control and therefore can lower sperm count and restrict testosterone thereby inducing a state of temporary infertility. However, these effects are short-term and reversible after you stop its use. Remember to take the recommended dosage and precautions.

Recommended Dosage and How to Use

For beginners, you should take 50-75 mg per day for four weeks in the morning and before bedtime to ensure optimal gains as well as a boost in strength levels.

For advanced users, 75-100 mg per day is okay, but you need to follow the following intervals (dosage vary by brand);

In the morning; 25 mg

Pre-workout; 25-50 mg

Before bedtime; 25 mg

Trestolone can be taken orally or through injection or in transdermal. However, the best delivery method for this anabolic compound is through injection. Make sure to follow the recommended dosage to reduce the severity of unwanted side effects and achieve optimal results.

Trestolone FAQ

What is the Trestolone common cycle duration?

If you are a beginner or average user, you may use it for 4-6 weeks. For advanced anabolic hormone users, 6-8 weeks is optimal period.

What is the ideal Trestolone dosage?

The recommended dosage is 20-50 mg per day.

Do I need cycle support while on Trestolone?

Yes, Ment is a methylated compound, and therefore users need to use support supplements to reduce stress on the liver and to help maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Does Trestolone convert into estrogen?

Yes, it does have a low conversion to estrogen, and therefore, you need to take an AI during the cycle to reduce estrogen conversion.

Do I need to follow up with a PCT?

Yes, Trestolone is a prohormone, and just like all prohormones, it will require you to run a post cycle therapy to help your body hormones balance out and also rejuvenate the kidneys and liver.

What are the best enhancers to stack with Trestolone?

Trestolone is mostly stacked with EPISTANE as this compound suppresses production of natural testosterone during a cycle. Ment offers a solid base for accelerating muscle growth, and Epistane helps negate the side effects.

What are the main gains of using Trestolone?

This product helps in bulking and adding mass. You can stack it with other steroids to increase bulking, hardening, or cutting effects.

Can Trestolone Be Detected During a Drug Test?

Trestolone will only be detected if a test for performance enhancers or steroids is carried out. However, they cannot show up on your average ten-panel narcotics drug screen.

The Bottom Line

For people who are committed to building muscles, Trestolone offers an excellent way to achieve a lean, toned physique with maximum muscle gain. You can achieve positive results without adverse effects.

Given that Trestolone is a potent anabolic compound for development of lean muscle mass, it definitely has an advantage over its competitors. It has undergone proven medical research, and therefore it's authentic.

With proper diet, dosing, and exercises, attaining optimal results with this supplement is possible.

Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 06:38

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