Types of Electronic Cigarettes You Can Try Out

Types of Electronic Cigarettes You Can Try Out

An electronic cigarette is a rechargeable device that has flavoured liquid with a dose of nicotine. The purpose of the device is to give a healthier and much-controlled alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Smokers can use the device until the fluid runs out. Once the liquid runs out, you can either buy another E-cigarette to replace the old one or refill. This depends on the type of cigarette you have.

Just like the online casino industry (visit bestcasinositesonline.com to read more about the iGambling industry), the e-cigarette industry is rapidly on the rise. For example, we now have over 400 E-cigarette brands that you can pick from. However, there are three main types of electronic cigarettes.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

This is quite a popular type of E-cigarettes. Disposable e-cigarettes are quite similar to real tobacco cigarettes in terms of appearance.

However, the obvious differences are that the e-cigarettes come with reusable material and   batteries. Meaning, unlike traditional cigarettes, they do not quickly run out unless the battery finishes.

Due to the size, their battery life tends to be much shorter. But, you can still replace the cartridges once you run out of the liquid. That is of course if your battery life is still healthy

Refillable Electronic Cigarettes

Refillable e-cigarettes are much more cost-effective in comparison to disposable ones. This is because of the longer battery life.

Also, you do not have to worry about throwing away any cartridges. Refillable E-cigarettes come with a refillable vapour system. The system can be used for quite a number times before you can get to throw them away. Once the liquid is finished, you can just refill with a new liquid.

Also, they come with eGo type of batteries. These have a larger battery capacity and do not need frequent recharging.

The good part is that, if you are new at this, you can experiment with the different flavours available. Then, you can pick the one that suits your taste in the end. Just like casino online games, you first test all the games before choosing one which suits your gambling style and pocket.

Variable Voltage E-Cigarettes

Usually, this is popular with veteran e-cigarette smokers. They allow you to experiment with the different types of vapour systems available. That way enhances that e-cigarette experience but at a much costly price.

Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 08:24

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