Where to Go to Get Advice

We all need to get advice from time to time. In some cases, going to a parent or a close friend is enough

Where to Go to Get Advice

We all need to get advice from time to time. In some cases, going to a parent or a close friend is enough. Often, however, the kind of help you need is more of a professional nature, and that’s when you need to make smart choices.

Remember, don’t believe everything you read online.


Let’s start with the internet. So many of us go straight to Google when we have a problem to find a solution. With a million websites all offering advice, how do you know what to trust?

First of all, look at the extension. If the website is a .org, that stands for organization. More often than not, they are professional entities that do provide and offer valid information.

Journal articles are also considered viable sources of information if they come from trusted sources. Media and news companies aren’t always trusted sources.

Information giant Wikipedia is also not somewhere to get real information. People like you and I can alter the content there, meaning that as it’s not fact-checked, it’s not legitimate.


Ok, hands up if you’ve had a headache and a sore neck, gone online to WebMD and self-diagnosed yourself with Hodgkins Lymphoma? Afterward, it turns out your head pain is connected to the way you sit at your desk.

Doctors, and other medical staff, study for 6+ years for a reason. Trying to diagnose your ailments on your own is dangerous and life-threatening. Always seek the advice of a trained professional every time.

Online forums are just as unhealthy. Just because another parent has posted the exact symptoms your child has, doesn’t mean they suffer from the same thing. This kind of misinformation could have deadly results.


Sometimes, mom is the best person to give you advice. After all, she knows you better than anyone else. She’s also the only one who is going to tell it like it is. However, moms can’t always be impartial.

If your relationship is heading into dangerous waters, it’s best to get advice from counselors who specialize in this type of issue. They are unbiased, can look at the situation from all angles, and can provide suggestions that could ultimately save the marriage.

Criminal Activity

If you have been accused of a crime, whether you’re guilty or not, this can be a very stressful time. You’ll absolutely want to get advice from a professional attorney at law. Get more detail here about your rights and options, so you know where you stand.

This is not the time to get advice from your uncle’s brother’s mechanic, who had the same problem. Your freedom is on the line here, so get qualified help immediately.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Most of the time, when we need a bit of advice, we can turn to family and friends. If, however, the help is more severe, that’s the time to go and see a professional.

The internet provides lots of valuable and invaluable information, but it can’t be relied on. It should never be used for things like medical diagnoses.

For advice when a relationship is breaking down, or if a serious crime has happened, the only people you can count on are the professionals in their field.

We can’t stress this enough - don’t believe everything you read online.

John Thunberbold

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