Bonet: "The Barcelona brand is dead, its recovery depends on the elections"

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Learn More Guind The loss of the drug agency is expected to serve to return to normal in Catalonia CaixaBank president warns of risks of protectionism and high global debt José Luis Bonet, President of the Chamber of Spain and Freixenet, has been especially incisive this Tuesday at the XVI Congress of executives held in Alicante, with the Catalan situation: "What happened yesterday [this Monday] is very serious;" Barcelona had never lost an international competition until two months ago; Now the Barcelona brand is dead, "she has highlighted." "Can you recover?" he asked. "Yes, but it depends on the outcome of the election." "Those of us who live there have to speak very clearly: if we continue on the wrong path we will go out in disbanded and the last to turn off the light," he warned. Then it has been directed to the auditorium, full of executives, pointing with the finger: "The solution is here [pointing to the attendants], the company is the backbone of the country, has a power that [you] do not conceive." We have to say what can happen, something that has not been done in Catalonia, but the eye has to do it before December 21, he pronounced. And, after the applause, it's over: "We're fine, we have to overcome this problem and then we'll go better." Bonet has asked for the collaboration of Spain to get out of the crisis. "From the 21st of December we will have to show fraternity of the rest of the Spaniards towards the Catalans to show that they are loved;" Because in Catalonia they believe that they are not loved and that is not true. "All that can be done in this direction is concord and coexistence," he requested.

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