Half a hundred injured in a train wreck in Germany

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Half a hundred injured in a train wreck in Germany
Learn More a TR In derails in Seville and leaves 37 wounded The most serious train wrecks in the history of Spain since 1940 about 50 people resulted this Tuesday wounds in a CO Between a passenger train and a freight convoy in the town of Meerbusch (West Germany), near Düsseldorf, the German Federal police reported. The Deutsche Bahn, the National Railroad Company, has reported that a passenger train collided with a freighter near the Meerbusch station in the state of North Rhine of Westphalia, the most populous in the country. The event occurred at 19.30 hours and, according to a firefighter's spokesman for the Rheinische Post local newspaper, provoked an explosion. The passenger train belongs to the National Express Company. The Deutsche Bahn privatized several of its regional lines in recent years. According to the first information, a great device of the police of the Federated State of North Rhine-Westphalia and numerous fire teams of the area has been moved to the scene.

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