The World Cup refishing games of Russia 2018: Calendar and Results

African qualifiers not all parties ...

The World Cup refishing games of Russia 2018: Calendar and Results
African qualifiers not all matches played between 9 and the November 15th are refishing. The three remaining African countries still to be decided belong to the initial group phase, of which the winners of groups A, C and D are still to be decided. They are already classified for the World Cup Nigeria and Egypt, winners of groups B and E, respectively. The refishing of the Russian World Cup 2018 is already here. From November 9th to 15th, 23 games will be played, deciding the nine remaining selections to complete the 32 countries that compete for the next World Cup. At the moment we know 23 teams classified, now we have to know four other European teams, three of the African groups that are not yet decided and two of the refishing Central America-Asia and South America-Oceania. Here we leave the calendar and the results of the remaining matches to complete the World Cup of Russia 2018:9 November Northern Ireland-Switzerland: 19.45 hours Croatia-Greece: 20:45 hours 10 November Honduras-Australia: 16:00 hours South Africa- Senegal: 19:00 hours Algeria-Nigeria: 20:30 hours Sweden-Italy: 20:45 hours 11 November Zambia-Cameroon: 15:00 hours Gabon-Mali: 15.30 hours New Zealand-Peru: 16:15 hours Ivory Coast-Morocco: 17:30 hours Tunisia-Libya: 18.30 RD Congo-Guinea: 18:30 Hours Denmark-Republic of Ireland: 20:45 hours 12 November Ghana-Egypt: 15:30 hours Congo-Uganda: 15:30 hours Switzerland-Northern Ireland: 18:00 hours Greece-Croatia: 21:45 hours November 13 Italy-Sweden: 20:45 hours 14 November Senegal-South Africa: 19:30 hours Burkina Faso-Cape Verde: 19:30 hours Republic of Ireland-Denmark: 19:45 hours 15 November Australia-Honduras: 20:00 hours Peru-New Zealand: 21.15 hours * All parties are in local time

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