Journalism Course offering journalism course for amateur journalists globally

Amateur journalism is one place where young and enthusiastic news reporters can flourish. All they need is a workable camera and a good sense of report formation. Recently, with the help of, the biggest provider of online Usa News, they can do more than flourish. is now providing special journalism certification courses for undergraduates and high school pass outs. The course is being offered on an online platform, so aspirants from any corner of the world can undertake this course.
The chief of the website reported, “ We have launched this course so that the business of Daily News reporting can flourish and the common public can get the right news at the right time. ”
“ Amateur journalism is no doubt a lucrative field for a guy or girl with a knack for news reporting. But that also needs some sort of training. That is why we have started this course. ”, he added.
The course syllabus comprises of a crash course on photography, followed by a three month strict regime of learning how to report an incident.
Sources say that since it’s the launch, the course has seen several applicants from different parts of the world, who want to start off as a free editor on any Breaking News network.
One such applicant commented, “ There are several websites on the internet, who are hiring freshers for the post of news editor and editorial assistants. I’m quite sure that this course will help in getting a job. ”
It is a common belief in the society that if one can start of as an amateur journalism expert, then he or she can climb the ladder quickly and become the expert journalist he or she has is aspiring to become. Although it is too soon to tell how veteran journalists will react to this course, will make sure that it maintains the promises it has made of getting every journalism aspirant a job in the field of amateur journalism.
The marketing head of Dailynewsen commented, “ We have strong and high hopes that we will be able to make a difference in this legendary and exclusive field of journalism. Every sector needs young and fresh pair of legs, and that is what we are ensuring. ”
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