3 Top Tips to Keep Your Kids Amused At Orlando Airport

It’s a fact of life that air travel occasionally involves delays.

3 Top Tips to Keep Your Kids Amused At Orlando Airport

It’s a fact of life that air travel occasionally involves delays.

When travelling with young children, however, what begins as an inconvenient layover idly browsing the duty freecan evolve into a whirlwind of tears and tantrums as their boredom levels gradually reach fever pitch.

As a mom or dad, it’s easy to keep yourself occupied during a delay by employing a furrowed brow, a stern look and an occasional sigh—but keeping your kids entertained is a different story.

By taking the time to plan your kids’ airport entertainment in advance, though, the time your family spend waiting for your flight from Orlando will fly byand your sanity will bekept firmly in check.

Consequently, to avoid your little ones going ballistic, get on board with our top tips, below, and enjoy a positively relaxing start to your trip …

1. Pre-book a parking service

Securing a parking space adjacent to the terminal can be as difficult as finding Jimmy Hoffa helping Shergarlocate a needle in a haystack. When you add sleepy or excited children into the mix, it makes sense to drive straight to the terminal and leave your vehicle with the professionals.

When you pre-book parking at Orlando Airport through Looking4.com, you benefit from the best and cheapest parking deals. The extra comfort of a valet parking service means you avoid dragging luggage and loved ones through tarmac maze—and your kids will be much happier as they waltz through the terminal’s sliding doors. 

2.Pack some snacks

It may sound obvious, but ensure your flight bag is packed with enough food to satisfy your kids’ appetite both at the airport and during the journey. By arming yourself with a supply of their favourite nibbles, outbursts of hunger-induced fury can be avoided should your travel plans be unexpectedly delayed.

Admittedly, every airport has a choice of eating-places to assuage the desire for food of even the fussiest family, but prices can be astronomical and children are unlikely to look forward to standing in line for extended periods.

3. Bring some entertainment for the ride

It’s 2018, most children will typicallypossess a raft of electronics to keep them amused for extended periods. Many of these devices are also portable, which means they’re ideal for bringing along on your travels. During a lengthy stopover at an airport, these gadgets will prove an invaluable distraction.

Whether it’s a portable DVD player, a Nintendo DS or a goodol’ fashioned book, make sure you carry enough amusement necessities to avoid a potentially bored child running riot in a heaving airport.

After all, while enjoyable on the whole, traveling with kids can throw up its own difficulties, so make sure you have all the bases covered to get your trip off to a flying start.

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Date Of Update: 25 October 2018, 07:43