4 Must-have Fashion Accessories for the Modern Man

It's the little things that can make a big splash in your outfit, and this is particularly true for men's fashion accessories

4 Must-have Fashion Accessories for the Modern Man

It's the little things that can make a big splash in your outfit, and this is particularly true for men's fashion accessories. Luckily, there's a wide variety of sartorial staples in the market. And many are not only modern but also stylish and comfortable. Most men have unanswered questions on the best way to accessorize their outfit. And this article will furnish you with adequate information on the top accessories for any modern man.

1. Classy watches

A watch reflects your personality and status. Men's watches come in different styles, sizes, shapes, colors, functions, and of course, varying prices. Although choosing the right watch can be daunting, a watch can make you stand out from the crowd. Your watch should also complement your outfit; for instance, all the metal elements in your outfit should match up.

If you go for a white platinum watch, consider a silver belt buckle, whereas a yellow gold and brass fasteners complement each other. Although there are different watch brands in the market, pick one from a reputable dealer to get the best value for your money. If you're looking for the right watch to match your personality and attire, discover Omega at CHRONEXT. They have a wide assortment of exceptional luxury watches in your favorite stylish materials.

2. Quality shoes

Shoes play a significant role in a man's life. They define who you are and are a must-have for the modern fashion enthusiast. Most men's shoes come in different styles, and this ranges from Loafers, sandals, plimsolls, brogues, and trainers. Nowadays, it's easy to spot men in formal outfits combined with slip-on shoes, it's one of the new trends in fashion. Nonetheless, classy leather shoes patented in a dress fabric never go out of style.

3. A striking belt

A man's belt is a fashion accessory, and not only a leather band that holds your pants in place but is a necessary evil and a way of making a fashion statement. Although women have shoes, purses, and jewelry to choose from, men have limited options when it comes to fashion accessories, and they have to maximize what they have.

The color of your belt should match your shoes, and black is easy to play around with. Browns are somewhat tricky, for instance, if you wear dark brown shoes, your choice of the belt should be colored as well. Lighter brown shoes match well with a belt in a lighter shade. Moreover, your watchband, belt, and shoes should match perfectly.

4. Fashionable sunglasses

Sunglasses are great accessories for men and are handy for travelers. Sunglasses can significantly elevate your outfit, but you need to go for a design that fits your facial shape. Also, avoid fake eyeglasses and stick to sunglasses if you don't have to wear prescription glasses. If you have a round face, consider rectangular lenses, and round glasses if you have sharp facial features.


Clothes define your personality in a variety of ways. But you have to compliment them with the right accessories to achieve that distinct look. Besides, it's the tiny details that can make a big difference in your looks.

John Thunberbold

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