5 Items Every Style-Conscious Man Needs in his Life

5 Items Every Style-Conscious Man Needs in his Life

Men’s fashion does not get the same level of attention as women’s fashion, but it is equally important. Here in this list, we have compiled five fashion items that no style-conscious man should go without.

A Collection of Ties

Sometimes the occasion calls for a shirt and tie, and you don’t want to have just a couple to choose from.

Many men have a collection of ties that were given as gifts and are often cartoonish or fun rather than elegant or sophisticated. Make sure you have a collection of quality ties that give you options for every occasion. You definitely need at least one plain black tie for sombre and serious occasions, but also you need a selection that gives you the opportunity to add some colour to a shirt and suit combo.

If you wear a tie for your work, then you should already have a selection of ties to choose from. Make sure you choose ties based on a pattern, as well as colour. Solid colour ties can be seen as bland or dull in some social settings, so find some ties with subtle patterns that will add something to your outfit rather than disappear into it.

Stylish Footwear

Too many men don’t spend enough money or time on their footwear collection. Trainers do not go with everything, and any man striving for sartorial elegance should have a lot of options when it comes to footwear.

Classic black leather Oxford style shoes have a place in every man’s wardrobe. Don’t stop there, however. There are many occasions and outfits which will require a different kind of footwear, and you need to have options to cover these bases. Boots in a brown or tan shade are a great accessory for a number of outfits and can make jeans look smart-casual rather than simply casual.

A Selection of Watches

A good watch is a great accessory for any man and offers both style and functionality. Many people rely on their smartphone for time-telling, but a well-crafted watch is a more preferable solution.

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Watches straps are also important and can help match a watch to an outfit. Make sure your collection includes a variety of watch straps to give you options when choosing your outfits. Metal straps are good for activities and professional settings, and leather-strap watches are suited to special occasions like dinner parties and celebrations. A classic leather strap watch is often considered a dress watch.

A Collection of Belts

Every man should have at least three belts in his collection; a black leather dress belt, a brown belt for jeans or casual trousers, and a fabric belt for casual wear.

Contemporary fashion seems to encourage men not to wear belts, but this is no excuse for not having a selection to choose from in your wardrobe when the occasion demands one. Belts and their buckles can be a great fashion accessory and can add a lot to any outfit. Have a collection that includes a number of different materials, patterns, and colours for you to choose from. These can be matched with smart trousers for special occasions, and suits, as well as cargo pants and shorts, and casual khakis.

A Briefcase of Bag

Most men will only need this type of accessory for work. Messenger style bags have become popular in recent years, but the briefcase is making a comeback.

A briefcase or bag needs to offer functionality as well as fashion, so make sure any bag you buy has enough space, and a lot of style, for you to take to the office. Men should also have a selection of baggage to use as luggage when taking trips, and of course, a washbag for toiletries to take away with them or to the gym.

Steer clear of metal-sided briefcases, as these are far too industrial for a suited look. The material of your bag or briefcase should match your outfit, most notably your shoes. This is a helpful way to decide which is best for the occasion. If you are wearing leather shoes, then a leather briefcase is the most appropriate. If you are wearing canvas shoes or trainers, then a sports bag or fabric messenger bag is the more appropriate choice.

With these five items in your wardrobe, you should have everything you need to dress for most occasions. Make sure you have a selection of each to give you the most opportunity to achieve sartorial elegance.

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