6 Great Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most private and personal area in a home. It is also where most of your self-care routine happens

6 Great Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most private and personal area in a home. It is also where most of your self-care routine happens, from hot soaks to face masks.

This is why it is imperative to make it a place where you will enjoy spending a lot of your time. Apart from upgrading some decorative features, there are others ways of sprucing up your bathroom to make it look great. Some of these ways include:

Switch the Hardware

If replacing the cabinets is not possible, changing your hardware can be one of the most cost-effective update ideas. Before buying new knobs and handles, be sure to measure the existing ones.

Consider looking for handles which have the same length as the ones you already have to avoid filling in old ones and drilling new ones. While at it, unscrew several knobs to determine if the area below is discolored. In case it is, be sure to shop for some replacements to cover these spaces.

Caulk the Shower

Caulk is one of the most important components in many showers. Effective caulking of pre-fabricated or tiled showers is the best way to keep water inside your bathing area and, at the same time, prevent the underlying wall system from soaking.

For a shower with existing caulk, consider replacing it altogether. Once you remove the existing caulk, it is a straightforward project with Loctite® Polyseamseal® Tub & Tile Adhesive Caulk, taking around 90 minutes to improve the shower’s condition.

Clean the Bathroom

Because you depend on your bathroom to clean your body, it is only fair to say that it needs to be the cleanest space in your home. Due to added grime, steam, and water, your bathroom might be home to unwanted odors, fungus, and bacteria.

In order to prevent mold as well as other buildups, use one of the best bathroom cleaners on the market. It is also best to clean the space after seven or fourteen days, based on how thorough you usually wipe down your shower, disinfect faucets, or sweep the flooring.

That said, sinks, toilets, and high-traffic places may need to be cleaned more frequently. In an attempt to lighten up the load, there are several things you can do daily to create a cleaner space.

Add Plants

Nothing will brighten up your boring bathroom like plants. They will add a beautiful pop of color, lift wilted spirits, and freshen up the stale air.

So you know, plants that do well in typical bathroom environments dig warmth and humidity. If you have a brown thumb, you may try low-maintenance beauties, including spider plants and aspidistra.

Choose the Best Lighting

Strong lighting basically has a solid effect on everyone’s mood. Chuck out all the old fluorescent bulbs and consider replaceing them with more modern lighting.

In order to have ultimate control over your bathroom’s lighting, install dimmer switches. With this, you are able to adjust it when you use your bathroom for whatever reason. For example, you may dim the lighting in your bathroom as you relax inside the bathtub.

Many individuals now opt for LED lighting since they are energy efficient and jazz up any room in a home. Therefore, if you share the same thoughts, settling for them would be a great idea.

Maintain Privacy

Windows in a bathroom serve as a perfect source of lighting. However, they can compromise your privacy as well. If you are not careful, it would be simple for people on the street to watch what is happening in your bathroom each time you use the toilet or take a shower.

In order to deal with this issue, there are several ways you can consider maintaining your bathroom’s privacy. You may opt to use heavy blinds or curtains. Alternatively, you may consider frosted window tinting. This will not just allow access to natural lighting. It will also obscure views into your bathroom.

To Wrap-Up!

Improving the appearance of your bathroom doesn’t necessarily need to be overly time-consuming or complicated. There are numerous ways you can use to make your bathroom functional and stylish. By sticking to the right plan and following the necessary steps, you will be able to improve your bathroom’s appearance for you to enjoy.

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