6 Tips for Covering Your RV

Prepare for any camping adventure by maintaining your recreational vehicle

6 Tips for Covering Your RV

Prepare for any camping adventure by maintaining your recreational vehicle. An RV requires a number of maintenance tasks to keep it ready for the road. An RV cover is an essential step to prevent UV damage, leaking and other issues. Shop for a fitted car cover and RV cover today to protect your investment and hit the road with a clean vehicle. Check out these six tips for protecting your RV while in storage.

How To Properly Equip Your RV Cover

Preparing for a vacation should be exciting, not full of frustrating preparation. As you load up your RV, a leaking or dirt-covered exterior can stall your plans. Plan ahead and use these six tips for covering your RV:

  1. Choose a fitted cover
  2. Look for a cover with zippered openings
  3. Compare indoor and outdoor covers
  4. Choose materials wisely
  5. Order a cover with a generous warranty
  6. Don’t forget tire covers and other accessories

The best RV cover depends on a number of factors, so it’s important to compare these factors before purchasing a new cover. One great feature for any storage situation is fitted features. A loose cover can still allow moisture to enter under the cover. A strong gust of wind can also pull it right off your RV. Fitted covers create a firm hold for year-round protection.

Once you finally get your cover in place on your vehicle is typically when you need to access something inside the RV. Choose a cover that includes zippered openings to continue to access your RV storage areas and doors. This helps you clean and pack up your vehicle before you’re ready to remove the cover and hit the road.

Not all covers are designed for outdoor use. An indoor cover is a breathable option that prevents dust and light moisture from affecting your vehicle, but it’s not suited for outdoor storage. Choose an outdoor cover for a thick, water-resistant option. These covers aren’t completely waterproof, since they still need to let your vehicle breathe, but they can help protect against leaks, UV damage and other harsh outdoor conditions.

Some materials are specifically designed for summertime heat, while others offer maximum moisture protection for heavy rainfall or snowfall. Compare the features of each material to find a cover that best fits your storage situation.

An RV cover warranty should last at least a few years. A 3 year warranty or more gives you peace of mind as you store your recreational vehicle year after year.

A few extra accessories can extend the lifetime of your vehicle and help you enjoy an unforgettable vacation with less risk of a maintenance issue. Shop for sun shields, tire covers and other cover options to protect these areas of your recreational vehicle.

Choose the Best RV Cover for Your Climate

Shop online to find the ideal RV cover and custom windshield sun shade options for your investment. Compare options that fit your climate, at home and at your vacation destination, before ordering them online. Receive great rates on highly rated items when you shop at a leading online store for car and RV covers.

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