A platform on wheels to the extent of Jesus Cintora

In march 2015, Mediaset, dismissed so abruptly to Jesus Cintora mornings of Four. Despite its good audience data, even above that of his then-competitor, The re

A platform on wheels to the extent of Jesus Cintora

In march 2015, Mediaset, dismissed so abruptly to Jesus Cintora mornings of Four. Despite its good audience data, even above that of his then-competitor, The red-hot Antonio García Ferreras, the media group suggested through a statement that the presenter did not treat the information in an objective manner.

After three years and three programs of uneven result -In-the-box, Cintora street, and The red line-, in march of 2018, the journalist soriano moved to Atresmedia, specifically The Sixth, to collaborate as tertullian in the above-mentioned red-hot, The Sixth night, better late and Liarla Brown. The signing of Cintora crystallizes this Wednesday at 22.30 pm with the premiere of its first own space: Road and blanket.

"The idea when I get to Atresmedia is to go preparing for this project at the same time that he was collaborating in other spaces. And what I have done. I try to be multi-faceted, taking advantage of the opportunities they provide to me, and occupy different positions with as much dignity as possible," said Cintora to THE WORLD. And during the presentation to media of the format explained: "One of the things that I said to Mario [Lopez, director of the antenna of The Sixth] was, what would you do? This truck loved it. It has its risks, but it also has that attractive".

The premise of this format today, a production of the Quartz FLAT and The Sixth, is the following. Each week Cintora and his team of 100 people, move to a point of the Spanish geography in a truck that, once you arrived at the chosen destination, will be transformed into a film set. The program, of two hours duration, will be broadcast live and will feature interviews with citizens, videos, and connections with reporters in other parts of the country. This Wednesday, in his debut, will travel to Vigo to talk about the precariousness of employment, moonlighting and, in the words of the presenter, "the mierdajobs", giving voice to some of the protagonists.

"The debate today is very much in certain matters such as the Brexit, Gibraltar, Catalonia, the spit, but there are a number of concerns in the day-to-day people as their contracts of employment, health, education, means of transportation, the price of housing, which are not given enough attention. The claim of Road and blanket is to be a mirror of what is happening. Go from the particular to the general", he added Cintora.

"I would describe this program in three words: social, timely and offshored," he said, for his part, Lopez. "Social because, obviously, we're going to be with the people. Timely because we will be glued to today. And offshored because we left that centralism of which we accuse the media of communication, and we want to be where you produce the news," said to finish off by saying: "Everything is going to be headed by a component of the complaint that is going to be obvious."

Asked about the treatment of the information in your program and if there is an ideology behind his approach, Cintora said: "everyone has the ideology, the human being is not a robot, it is someone who feels and who has their thoughts, fortunately. But the figure of unemployment is not an ideology, the lists of waiting [on health], either. Then, every one be able to think about how to solve this and there already, without doubt, come into play the ideas." And speaking of the pressures that it claims to have suffered, finished off: "sometimes what accounts bothers you, there are always those who try don't tell".

Returning to the vehicle information that is transferred with a margin of between 24 and 48 hours, Cintora admitted: "With three years I remember how my father, I went up for the first time to the truck. Of child I heard a lot of radio with him. I have spent many hours in the truck, especially in the summer, and I slept in the truck." And he concluded: "I am from a village in Soria", Ágreda, "which is on the border with four communities: I feel so soriano as aragonese, where I did high school; navarro, where I the university; of la rioja, where I had a girlfriend. Roaming gives you an openness of mind to view many situations."

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Date Of Update: 28 November 2018, 08:00

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