Burger from the Grill: Season, shapes, even apply!

1. The meat Peter Badenhop sheet-makers in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung. F. A. Z. You can make out of bad ingredients no good food – but from a good from a bad

Burger from the Grill: Season, shapes, even apply!

1. The meat

Peter Badenhop

sheet-makers in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

You can make out of bad ingredients no good food – but from a good from a bad meal. This old kitchen wisdom applies to any ingredient, more than on meat. The quality is that good food is not negotiable. And this is true not only for Steaks, Roasts and sausages, but also for meat – especially if you want to make a Burger. So rule number 1: Get your BBQ Burger, decent beef from the butcher, preferably from the shoulder, because it has the necessary fat content of about 20 percent, which gives the meat flavour and juiciness.

2. The seasoning

not seasoning Good meat needs a lot of, it is enough of its own flavor. No salt and pepper it is, however, very bland. As a further ingredient for juicy Burger Patties, chopped onions, and Worcestershire sauce are very fine, because they spice up the meat only, but also juicy make. For an Italian touch, you can with a little Oregano, for an Oriental with coriander and cumin and for an Asian with chilli and ginger. And then there is still the possibility of the Patties just before grilling with mustard or a red wine reduction (0.3 liters of red wine with a tablespoon of sugar and balsamic vinegar to a third boil) best. But Be Careful! Because rule number 2 is: do Not overdo it, the meat will eventually taste to the meat.

3. The Form

Burger-Patties must be flat, ideally two inches thick – that's rule number 3. They are thinner, they are too fast and dry, they are thicker, you will burn the outside before they are cooked. Whether you shape the Klöpse with the Hand or a Burger press, is no matter, the main thing is, they are not pressed too strongly, because that makes you hard and dry. In any case, you should not push in the end with a teaspoon, put a small Pit in the Patties, so that you bulge on the Grill and then worse. After forming, the Patties will enjoy a half hour in the Freezer, because then you are more solid and compact, when you finally get to the Grill.

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4 test. The crickets

On the Grill should spend on a Burger for only a short time, about three to four minutes on each side. In order for the Patties, sauté directly in focus, should be to preheat the Grill well on 220 to 250 degrees. Rule number 4: Only turning once! A good indicator for the right Moment meat juice, the outlet on the top side of the Patties is. Who would like to demonstrate the Klöpse with cheese, should you take of the flame and the cheese in indirect heat let it melt.

5. The buns

just As important for a good Burger, as the meat is the bun. Make, definitely worth it, one of the best recipes for Brioche Buns can be found on the website www.bbqpit.de/die-perfekten-hamburgerbroetchen/. But also at the bakery you can sometimes have luck. Is not advisable, however, from the usual supermarket goods, because it is usually much too soft, crumbly and in zero comma nothing totally mushy. One thing is true, however, for all the Burger-Buns – rule number 5: inner sides of the bun halves before the Show necessarily toasting. This will not only firm and crispy, but also more aromatic – especially when they are previously thinly with Butter.

6. The topping

The imagination has basically no limits. The classic Hamburger combination of Meatball, tomato, pickle, onion, cheese, and lettuce plus Ketchup, mustard and Mayonnaise can infinitely vary. The importance of the order of the assignment, except the Freshness of the ingredients especially one. You put the bottom half of the Bun on a plate, cover them with Mayonnaise, put the lettuce, then the Meat, followed by cheese (if not already on the Pattie melted), tomato, cucumber and onions and put on finally, the top, with Ketchup and mustard coated Bun. And the Whole thing is then also without major contortions edible, follow one rule number 6: Less is often more!

Date Of Update: 31 July 2020, 09:20