Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin: A magical place re-opened

Mostly, the real estate stories go like this: A rich Investor comes in, buys a cultural instance, and eats them with heart and soul. Fortunately, it also runs s

Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin: A magical place re-opened

Mostly, the real estate stories go like this: A rich Investor comes in, buys a cultural instance, and eats them with heart and soul. Fortunately, it also runs sometimes different, as in the case of the "Clärchens Ballhaus", which was acquired in 2018 from the new owner Yoram Roth — "to make it as effective as it is," says Roth. After a short slumber, for the purpose of making necessary renovation break, it was now, Corona due to the first only with food and drink, and opened again.

And that is a good thing. Since the ball house is one of this dwindling number of magical places in the capital. In 1913, so over 100 years ago, opened the ball home in the August street in the heart of Berlin-Mitte as a dance hall with catering its doors. At the time as "Bühlers Ballhaus", operated by Fritz and Clara Buhler. After the death of her husband, Clara took over, "the Clärchen". The ball house with a wood-panelled great hall and the famous until today in the Original stucco ornamented mirror room on the first floor, survived the Second world war and remained to the times of the GDR into private property.

Kate, William and Quentin Tarantino

To 2003 it was operated by Clara Bühler's heirs. With new owners, a new Wind came: The in the meantime, dusty Institution was again filled with dance and life. Prominent guests came, about Duchess Kate and Prince William. Some of the films, including Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds" were also filmed here.

purchased As Yoram Roth-Berlin pearl of 2018, and the lease agreement with the previous operators and is not extended to the end of 2019, was the concern of the large and the citizens, alarmed. For Roth, the native of Berlin, has Bahllhausgefeiert many nights inClärchens, should be preserved, the location of culture, dance and cuisine but. Much changed today, 93, myself, even in Clärchens employee may not be due to a triple monument protection at the building in the even of a previous tenant lives, anyway.

that is Why, in the great hall for the re-opening of much of the Old remained. The color red disappeared on the ceilings, on the walls, the silver Tinsel and the white table, otherwise, the tavern tables are to be set apart because of the Corona pandemic far. In addition to dance classes here should take place, according to Corona, is also a daily programme of readings, concerts, and other events. Until then, it is concentrated in the Clärchens on the gastronomy. This is for Roth the, where is yet to "air up" was.

Culinary between Berlin, Budapest, and Vienna

he has brought to the Team Manager, Bianca Zedler, who was previously, among other things, in the Hotel Adlon and at Tim Raue,. As well as chef Simon man, most recently Sous-Chef Tim Raue, as well as Maitre in the Vau and Tulus Lotrek Serve. In Clärchens everything to modern pub culture turns now culinary, "simple food, crafts implemented and clean with good products," dienes says man. Culinary all somewhere between Berlin, Budapest, and Vienna.

to be pushed Into the furnace of old pizza, today, tarte flambée, in the hall of mirrors soon Brunch will be served. Otherwise, for example, cheese krainer, dumplings, and surprisingly mild "Radieserl are on the map" with goat's curd, Havel countries, rapeseed oil and bread seasoning, to taste, as you can connect with a few tricks of Tradition and contemporary taste.

For many of the dishes will work together with local producers. The blood sausage is about comes from Berlin's neukölln district, blood sausage, and is served with mashed Potatoes, Apple, onions, and lentils, and makes a sweet-tart as a side dish is almost too good are. And behind the "goulash herb" is the currently popular cabbage, seared in a fruity-sharp Beurre Blanc.

to serve man, the constant "had, after years in the top gastronomy" Lust on the floor, raves about the small Bites in the traditional taverns of his homeland to a late hour. Therefore, roll mops, meatball and Spreewald cucumber with a fine in the Clärchens grated horseradish on the map — are well suited if you had a "Clärchens" too much. So the house is your own Drink, with the Tequila and blackcurrant.

An early visit is worth it. 2022 will close the ball house, in fact, for longer-term rehabilitation measures. "The last 15 years there was around seven days a week practically-around-the-clock operation," says Roth. It is the fabric of the building. "If we want to preserve this magical place for the long term, we need to get in there." Roth you trust that he will touch the ball home with a velvet glove. Maybe also because he is himself a piece of pretty moving Berlin's history.

Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 08:20

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