Corona-Tests at the airport: Many people slip through

The two young men want to make everything right. "Where's here, for the Corona-testing?", asks the one with unüberhörbarem Swabian accent the folder in the a

Corona-Tests at the airport: Many people slip through

The two young men want to make everything right. "Where's here, for the Corona-testing?", asks the one with unüberhörbarem Swabian accent the folder in the arrivals area of the Frankfurt airport. "Up and over the bridge," answers the man in the yellow vest. He is with his left Arm in the rough direction. Some of the stairwells to the two men, however, are not yet sure where to go. In the departure hall you need to pull a Lufthansa employee to Rate. Only with the help of the friendly lady that is actually for departing Business Class passengers can find the test center of the German Red cross. It is located such as that of the company's Job on the bridge between Terminal 1 and the remote station of the Frankfurt airport.

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The two Tanned, entering on Saturday shortly before 12: 30 p.m. the Frankfurt test center, have a flight out of Tel Aviv behind. You are, in spite of their very loose clothing, no tourists. In Israel, which is classified by the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) as a risk area, they were on a business trip."The chief wants to know if we have a Corona," says the one. However, even if the wouldn't want: Since this Saturday is a test compulsory for travellers returning from high-risk applies to a regulation of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) areas. The Tests are free of charge for you. Alternatively, the returnees at the earliest, 48 hours before departure or up to 72 hours of arrival at the house doctor in Germany.

in some cases contradictory information

at Least at the Frankfurt airport, it does not come on the first day of mandatory Testing, to the large crowds. "We have a latent, higher Numbers," says Benedict Hart, the head of the DRC testing center. In the past few days there have been about 1800 Tests per day. "We will see if we can crack today the 2000." A few days before mandatory Testing was announced, the number of currently seven smear cabins quickly double. Both the DRC, as well as Job have hired in the past few days, numerous temporary staff. Briefly more employees than travelers in the test center early in the afternoon. The influx of course, but always"wave", reports Hart.

Because the staff was recruited in the short term, it is in the instructions for the test saddle, not willing to always. A Job employee that is a Registered between the two test centre says the travel returnees from the areas at risk would need to register at these tables. See your Job colleagues a few meters further, but in a different way. You send a out of Egypt flown in genes passenger directly to the test centre on the left, which is provided for Arriving from high-risk areas. An airport employee says, however, that the DRC and the Job jointly operated test center links to be provided for incoming travelers, and that Job right for the departure of the flight willing. Also, this is not correct: in fact, the Job centre covers the fee-based voluntary testing. "We are the Department of Spahn," says, however, DRC-a man Hard.

passenger proposes stricter rules

Fortunately, it has been advised from Cairo, flown in genes woman properly. Just 13 minutes after entering the center, she leaves this again with your great white rolling suitcase."What's wrong with that?" she replies to the question, how has the test procedure with the registration and smear felt. She, however, has no too great confidence in their fellow travelers. "Many slip through", she suspects, and makes a proposal:"The travellers should be directly from the airplane to the test center directed." When in the airport no one checked, do the test obligation no sense.

As is the case of the two Tel Aviv shows travellers from the area of Stuttgart, but also those who want to test themselves, only with trouble of the way to the test centres. Directly in the arrival hall in the Terminal, there are no signs, which lead to the Corona-Tests. Who instead follows the sign of the "Medical Center", must soon find that there is nobody waiting for the test willing to travel returnees. DRC-head of the Center, Hart praised improvement: "We are with the airport operators," in good conversations. Also he had been complaining of the passengers on the not just simple search for the test center.

Date Of Update: 08 August 2020, 13:19

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