Dies Juan Manuel Martín de Blas, history of television in Spain

Juan Manuel Martín de Blas, journalist, film director and screenwriter, has died in Madrid at the age of 72, a victim of cancer. The name of Martín de Blas is l

Dies Juan Manuel Martín de Blas, history of television in Spain

Juan Manuel Martín de Blas, journalist, film director and screenwriter, has died in Madrid at the age of 72, a victim of cancer. The name of Martín de Blas is linked to the history of Spanish television. Responsible for historical titles as This is my land (2), performed important positions in RTVE during the stage of the governments of the PSOE, as the director of programs of TVE.

Natural and Avila and holds degrees in Sociology, Political Science and Journalism, he joined TVE in the founding team of the second string, and in the year 74 was named director of Programs in Barcelona. Between February of 1981 and 1986 he was director of External Production and Coproduciones, during the greater part of the stage in the General Direction of RTVE, José María Calviño (82-86). Then, Pilar Miró, the new responsible of RTVE, he was appointed to the post of deputy director general of the department of Programs of TVE, but he resigned in November 1986, after a month in the position, and arguing that it does not feel qualified for the position.

Days after the arrival of Luis Solana to the public corporation, in February 1989 he was appointed director of Programs of TVE, position in which he remained until he resigned in September 1990. During this period, in the first months of 1990 rejected the possibility of holding the General Directorate of the RTVM, the public radio-television of madrid.

A month later, in October 1990, the director general of RTVE Jordi García Candau appointed him as managing director of Projects 92 of the public television, where it happened to Alfonso Cortes Cabanillas. From this position he led the team that planned and covered the Olympic Games of Barcelona '92, an event to which the television channel dedicated to 2000 people.

once you have concluded the celebrations of the Fifth Centenary, in January of 1993, García Candau appointed him director of the newly created Directorate of New Projects of TVE, where tentía as committed to take care of the future plans of the entity, including the use of the channels of Hispasat. From this position, as manager of the Channels by Satellite, launched between the years 1993 and 1994, satellite channels, Canal Clásico, Teledeporte, TVE International and Hispavisión.

in mid-June of 1994 was formed by all the television networks of national scope (public and private) the society Cotelsal, in charge of the marketing channels through Hispasat. In this he was a member of its board of directors on behalf of the TVE and it coincided with the advisor to Pio Cabanillas, by Canal Plus.

The director general Lopez Love put to the front since its creation, the January 24, 1997, TVE-Themed, the subsidiary of TVE on the Digital Platform. But two months later, in mid-march, he was replaced as director and sole administrator of the latter by Marine Peña, at the same time that he was resigning from his responsibilities as manager of the Satellite Channels.

After the appointment of Pio Cabanillas in the General Direction of RTVE, in the first days of December of 1998 he was appointed advisor to the director general.

Since February 1998, was in charge of the direction of the series of TVE, This is my land, on which he used to a writer representative to talk about the city in which it has lived, such as Francisco Umbral, Manuel Vicent, Ana María Matute, Carlos Castilla del Pino, José Saramago and Julio Llamazares. This series had an initial delivery in 1981 and subsequent, the third in 2000, that had its beginning with Terenci Moix, and the fourth in 2005 that saw figures such as Carlos Fuentes, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Eduardo Galeano, Tomás Eloy Martínez or Alfredo Bryce Echenique.

His next documentary on TVE was the address since October of 2001-series of 12 chapters in Praise of the light, about the Spanish architecture, by which they engaged the architects the more relevant of the last few decades (Bohigas, Calatrava, Siza, Moneo or Zaera). It was premiered in April 2003 in La 2 of TVE.

In 2006, when he performed with Manuel Vicent the series For the path of memory, was forced to leave public television, as prejubilado, to be affected by a Record of Employment Regulation (ERE) in RTVE.

In June of 1983 she was given the Prize Paul Churches, and in October 2012 he was awarded one of the Prizes Talent 2012 of the Academy of Television.

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