Dispute to rooster: He crows almost did

the woman and The man is just a cock's crow away from each other, and know but little of each other. Also not that you have downloaded both a decibel meter on

Dispute to rooster: He crows almost did

the woman and The man is just a cock's crow away from each other, and know but little of each other. Also not that you have downloaded both a decibel meter on the phone and him in Fleckos direction. The woman hoped that Flecko crows as quietly as possible. And the man wanted the App displays a high value. The woman's family has to see the tap three years ago in the nursery of the daughter to hatch, 21 days of loving of the heat plate and incubated. The man made the crows crazy. He and his wife have even considered, because of the rooster from Hofheim am Taunus to move away. Back in the upper Palatinate, where they have an apartment.

Florentine Fritzen

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

The woman's name is Silvia Stems. She is 45 years old and tall and blond like her 13-year-old daughter Kiara. Brought Flecko back to the world. Now he's tall and gorgeous. Ugly little, not more than the other comb, of which the Chairman of the small animal breeders Association, said to him, with strict evaluation that would be more of a disadvantage. But Fleckos Plumage shimmers red and gold, his brown eyes looking more friendly than some of the other dogs, and his cry is so clear and bright and penetrating, to be as it is on a courtyard on the village.

mixed-use area is the same problem area

The only Problem is: Marx's home, the Deutsche Bank district in which the stem of the velvet rooster and ten hens life, is for many a village, and for some holding. According to the development plan, the school road is located in the mixed-use area. The stem, which sits for the Free voters in municipal Advisory Council, reports of an application to the city, the Plan to rewrite and to explain Marx's home to pure village. "The Church bells of the bells, the cows, and the smell of the cocks may crow." According to her, all of the groups in the place, so the CDU, the SPD, the Greens and the Left want.

Stengel, who works as a diploma engineer at the parks Department in Frankfurt, wants to keep Flecko. Not only to the village of the faucets, of which there are alone in your street, seven of them, she says. But also because of the chickens. The warning Flecko in front of birds of prey and they hold together. He has just launched his crowd in the courtyard behind stem house for dinner. In addition to the quail enclosure and the trampoline Flecko wait until the hens have been picked.

No agreement the arbitral Tribunal

the Stem shows above the houses on the other side of the courtyard and tapped on a map of the area. Three plots of land more is paints it as a house red. There, the man with the decibel App lives. Stem own did not appear, as she says, once again, is 90 decibels as she held the phone directly in front of the faucet. But only 87. "So I can't imagine that the is cracked." It assumes that on Friday on the balcony of the man's an expert, and measures whether Fleckos crows is less than the value.

the armed 2017 has Begun. Only anonymous letters came with reference to the noise protection. "I've asked all the neighbours ,did you do this?' But the are all gone here. The don't mind.“ The couple in the apartment building bothered two plots of land next it. In November of 2017, was the court of arbitration date in Hofheim am Taunus without agreement. 2018 Packed stem to the animals in a new barn made of Ytong-stones, which opens only in the morning against nine electric. But then it went to the opposite side throughout the day, not only to the morning hours. It filed a lawsuit with the district court followed the Maximum, the trial dates have passed – again, no agreement. Then, the appraiser was ordered. Last week, the want to do without the opposite side and then out. But the Stems no longer wanted. "For me, it goes now to the fact that such a lawsuit in this area can take place at all." She looks a good chance. Flecko had become older. "He crows all the time."

Date Of Update: 23 June 2020, 18:20

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