Does Tongo in the GH VIP? The audience can no longer bear

what Is vetoed Ceiling in the GH VIP 6? The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP The blatant cheating that GH VIP can't hide The machismo

Does Tongo in the GH VIP? The audience can no longer bear

what Is vetoed Ceiling in the GH VIP 6?

The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP

The blatant cheating that GH VIP can't hide

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP

Angel Garó, outside of itself in the GH VIP: "I Go to Peru, mamarracha!"

you don't want a lot to figure out, that sometimes, the one who digs, finds what he would not want to find. Last night, the audience of GH VIP 6 again and crashed into a wall. A wall that increasingly sounds to trickery, to fraud, to tongo, to lie, to manipulation. And worst of all it is not what is happening or what they want to happen but I do not hide or hide some goings-on brazen. GH VIP is above good and evil, or believes that, and last night in the GH VIP: Limit showed that they are willing to do whatever at any cost and have to pay the price you have to pay.

The program last night turned out to be the sample of that in the GH VIPno want winners advance; you don't want to fili, but you want to phobias; it is not want to the hearing; does not want the reality; you do not want to clear victors; it wants something else, another GH, another contest, another reality.

And if this is cheating, as it is made; and if for this you have to defend the indefensible, as it defends itself; and if this play of deception, as it is played; and if for this you have to enable which is called "sow", "schizophrenic", "mob", "bajuna", "Peru does not deserve someone like you"... one of the contestants (Miriam Saavedra), because it allows; and if this is to justify the outrageous comments of some of the members of the house (Angel Garó), as is justified. I swear that I already I do not know what they are thinking about or what is the strategy they are following, but I am clear that this GH VIP has crossed the limit a long time ago.

I Am convinced that they know, that they are aware and which responds to a strategy well-tailored and planned. However, I think that they have forgotten something very important: the audience of GH VIP is not the audience of any other program. Who sees GH VIP, those who follow him, who lives breast 24 hour, eat 24 hours, analyze the 24-hour and knows everything, everything and everything that happens in that house. It is the magic of GH (the little that is left), but at the same time it is the eye that sees the eye that's supposed all-seeing. A double-edged sword, that the program is not taking into account, or that, directly it is going through the lining.

last Night the audience was again turned on, returned to suffer, he returned to fray, he returned to discover that here is something fishy. It is impossible to prove if the attempt sorpasso on the part of the program with the percentages of the nominations was real or was it a lie like the cup of a pine tree, but what nobody doubts is that it smells really bad, smells like caquita, it smacks of an attempt to give a lesson to whom the program does not want as the winner, Miriam Saavedra.

In this edition every Tuesday one or two of the nominees (depending on how many go out on Thursday) are saved to expulsion, depending on the percentages of votes that you have so far. The least percentages are of those who are saved. Last night when he started the program, the percentages do not vary greatly from those shown for Sunday, in The Discussion of GH VIP: 64,9% the most voted, followed by 25.3%, 5.9%, and 3.9. Up to here everything normal, no foreign element. The following data after closing the lines for the first time were leaving one of the nominees well above the others: 56.1 per cent, with 22.7%, 16,5% and 5.1%. The lines came back up and the percentages continued to fluctuate until... abracadabra the least-voted-to-point was being the one more vote he received.

I am not very shower in matématicas, but if in two hours the course percentage of Miriam goes up more than 10% and then in 5 minutes back up the other 10% there is something that does not fit. For this to happen the number of votes in a minute would have to be a million. Amazing, right? Because there are times that miracles happen, or rather, make that happen.

Angel Garó, Asraf, The Koala or Miriam could be saved from the expulsion, and it would be the two most voted. For the audience in that moment, there was no doubt, Angel represented this 64,9%, Asraf 25% and the lower percentages (i.e. the saved) would correspond to Miriam and The Koala. And suddenly the program became a witch hunt (as is almost every night).

Contributors, presenter, and the videos that began to show pointed all in the same direction: Miriam is more bad than the scabies and is not gold that glitters. Then, when the 24 hours plays its role. Who we see we know perfectly well that what is shown on the galas to what happens in the reality there is a long way. Indeed, Miriam is not a lamb, but neither is he the monster you want it to be. Why is it that Miriam was the judge and the sentence for what he does while others are not allowed, it is allowed and defends barrabasadas worthy of expulsion? For me there is only one answer: GH VIP 6 you do not like Miriam as a winner.

I sincerely Believe that it has become an obsession of the programme and will not stop until that becomes a reality. Difficult to do, because if there is someone inside that house with the support of the audience, this is Miriam Saavedra. And we can like more or we may like less, but that is the reality and not fixed or manipulating percentages, or riding videos, or showing the worst of it. Will there be that show all of all and not just what you are interested in the program and to its strategy? Then in the hand of the hearing is to decide, who do you think are better or worse.

The night continued on as they had decided to follow. Videos that showed the worst side of Miriam, and that resulted in the set were to lose the papers. Miriam calling "huachafa" Makoke and telling him that it was a term peru to refer to a person "of high standing" when in reality what comes to say is that it is someone who boasts of being fine and elegant without being it, videos of Miriam deranging the others, co-workers intent on making Miriam a monster, a presenter trying to convince you that neither the good nor the bad are so bad.

And a Kiko Matamoros that was mother. The time huachafa caused the employee to lose full papers (even though it was pointing ways all night). "What a sow is! Respect the one who does not have it. It is fun using a term that is derogatory. That is be a sow here and in Peru. So sucking it. Is a juvenile delinquent of the" el callao", and all the world quiet, so quiet that JJ asked the program director to tell him the meaning of that term. "It means tacky, ridiculous, low class...". I don't know what dictionary you had to look at Maria Zambrano, because according to the RAE the meaning of huachafa is "cheesy", and point. Here is what is the game of the program. But Miriam, if anything, had already been as the most evil of the kingdom, as the more "bristle". Amazing.

But if all this is not worth to justify the unjustifiable in the connection with the house was searched for the anger that many were expecting, the anger that would serve to justify what no one is going to believe. "Angel, you're very quiet," he told JJ igniting the spark that would burn down the house (again). "Miriam is a person who does not have a coexistence easy," said the comedian showing your face more formal and respectful (I was going to last a little). And then with Miriam, not the brakes, nor all the angels of heaven, brought up the subject, he brought out the most damage I could do to Angel, removed the "go to Peru" that has become the hit of these last few weeks.

"Always is telling me that I have to go to Peru and put it with my origin." So certain is this, as Miriam called it "huachafa" Makoke, but, of course, the yardstick is not the same for some than for others. "What I have said that?", change Garó, while Monica (they call it the missing until it arrives at the gala) was shaking his head. It is to deny reality is to live in a parallel world. Not only is that what you said is that it repeats each time you have the opportunity, whether or not you are ahead. "You have not seen the videos or are you going to also say that they are staging", we replied the peruvian. And the wick no longer had who the off.

"I Ask the people who applauds (because every time he talks to Miriam the crowd cheers) I vote because I want to go. I don't want to confront people that it is known to mount television shows", because, of course, Garó in life has mounted a television show. He is due to his public and to his 30-year career. "I've never spoken of my intimidades, nor of my former couples or a couple", HAHA-JA does not believe it or him. "You know your neighbors by going out naked to the balcony". Whoosh! The blow of Miriam rang so strong that it crossed Guadalix and came to Mediaset, because if something knows Miriam is taken out of their boxes to anyone who dares to confront her.

"I surround myself with people of such low ilk and stew I'm not going to allow it. Now, before this program, I say that the divertimento con Ángel Garó has finished!", and there went out the Garó uncontrolled, the Garó of the shrieks, the Garó deranged. And Garó is piró to the room pissed off like a monkey "to which this lady don't go". But neither the room or retaining wall: "you Are very bajuna! O rabble, that you are a rabble! Peru does not deserve someone like you." Or Suso, or Tony, or the real Hulk could with him. "You don't have a job or benefit. Craft not, but benefit a lot," I kept screaming completely out of yes. And from the set were rubbed on the hands.

"I Want you to go Angel Garó because I'm allergic to arrogance. Don't we need to, we are self-sufficient and don't need to do things. We have hands and feet," stated Miriam. But the damage, or so they wanted it seems was already done.

From the set of the contributors and the presenter started to do the work for which they were hired: to wash the face to Angel. Difficult, but when one plays at home... "The audience has to save Angel Garó, because despite its flaws (now so called) has helped to give a show," said Mila Ximénez. It must be that now the show is just that, is to insult, to scream, to provoke fear... followed JJ: "Angel kills flies to cannon, but he says truths like fists (...) it Is amazing that I say (addressing the collaborator Miguel Frigenti) that in a contest of coexistence, Angel is unbearable when you do not nominate any of their peers." ¡Leches!, so how has come to be nominated? Why art of birlibirloque?

After the dramatic fight, where Miriam became to prove how maddening they could be, but where Garó, it was again at the height of the bitumen percentages of the nominees gave a roll-over that I am convinced it was not thought to nor the program. Throughout the night I started with two nominees with very low percentages was changing until the second least voted happened to be the second most voted.

In a matter of no more than 15 minutes of the second least voted shot up to exceed the most votes. And since the studio wanted to make believe that that second was Miriam, that the sorpasso was about to occur and that the hearing had been given account after the spectacular fight with the Angel that Miriam was not the saint that everyone believed. Do in 15 minutes, almost an increase of 30 points? But do you know how many people have to vote for that to happen? They do things over there and do it wrong.

Jorge Javier Vázquez opened the curtain. Had turned upside down, had sorpasso: the contestant (apparently Miriam) that had begun the night with a 5.9% was 26.4%. "I was seen. What a shame!", was heard to say on an open mic to the advocate of Miriam Saavedra. Is that neither of them believed it, is that mathematically it was impossible, is that the anger is not left in such a bad place to Miriam, is that the audience supports both that of real this had very little. It is then announced to the first bran: The Koala. Everything was ready for a face-to-face between Angel and Miriam. Hallucinated pickles in my house, I swear.

But it was so blatant and the audience exploded so much that the attempt sorpasso, the attempted manipulation, the attempt of what appeared to be a clear fraud came crashing down. Asraf and Angel were left as nominees, and Miriam was the third to be saved, although with three percentages are very tight. How is it possible that at the beginning of the night two contestants did not exceed the 10% of votes and three hours later point is of staying one of them in the arena? There are No phones for both tip-over.

The cake it was discovered by JJ. Miriam was saved, but the program achieved what it was looking for, sending a warning message to Miriam: "I don't want to screw up, but there has been a moment in which Miriam was not saved (...) Miriam, did you start with a 5% and climbed to 30% in less than a hour (...) For those who think that the contest is written, they know not".

Fabric, telita, fabric. Or now that it is entirely lawful -when they are interested in - to reveal to the contestants how they have been percentages, letting them fall to not create it and try to desestabilizarlos. Or is that now not only allows you to everything inside of the house, but in addition, it opens the veda to which the program itself try to pop open the program. Or is that now the presenter of the program you can get to a contestant, and clinging to him who has been to the point of becoming nominated, and that began the night of fucking mother and ended up on the brink of the nomination, and we were so quiet. Well, not like that.

The program you can do what you exit the bowl, falwould be expected to rise more, and the audience can do the same thing, and the audience can take no more. Last night turned out to be a sample of what they want to convert this reality. As to the direction it seems to be that you don't like much that Miriam is positioned as the clear winner, as it is pulled out of the sleeve so that the public has to be understood as a tongazo historical, reculan to not be brash and jump to the rules to be able to put pressure on the former of Carlos Lozano and throw a text messages poisoned. I swear that I don't stop freaking out with this GH. Justice takes time but it arrives.

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Date Of Update: 23 November 2018, 08:01

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