End OT 2018, in direct: Famous, winner of OT 2018

Winner of OT 2018: Famous, the sorpasso last minute of the final in OT All the controversies of the last edition of OT 2018 So are the five finalists of

End OT 2018, in direct: Famous, winner of OT 2018

Winner of OT 2018: Famous, the sorpasso last minute of the final in OT

All the controversies of the last edition of OT 2018

So are the five finalists of OT 2018 out of the stage

After 92 days OT 2018 already has a winner: Famous. Your flow, your swing, your evolution, your vozarrón and all goodness has made him the most voted by the public, with a 36% of the votes beating Alba Reche, second with 35% of the votes, and Natalia, the sorpresón of the night remained in third with 29%.

A final very accurate as suggested all bets. "There has never been a final so close," said Joe Perez Orive and reason was not lacking. But, in the end, it has been the guy that desafinaba, the child in a man's body, the one that you dream to go to Eurovision (yet to see). It has been the gala in which Famous has risen with the victory and has become the new winner of operación Triunfo.


And after the acknowledgements from Roberto Leal to all the team, the jury and all the members OT, end OT 2018 with a more than well-deserved winner: Famous.


"I'm very proud of. You've fulfilled your dream", is the first that has told the father of Famous after accompanying him on the stage. Your mother is not articulated word, but he was leaving the stage with the cheque for 100,000 euros and the trophy in the other hand as if he had just cut the two ears and the tail. It is not for less.


The winner of OT 2018 is... Famous.


I don't need anything more. I am super happy," are the first words of NAtalia, while the audience yells "you're the winner". Sorpresón last minute.


In third position with 29% of the votes... is Natalia.


"I remember when I was in this moment that I knew was there, but I don't know how I reacted. It is a beautiful moment and what you will see on tv. I first thought that was that ugly it was", he says to the three.


"The album will be released when I'm happy, when I'm proud." What has been said, it is still the same Amaia OT 2017, without filters.


And reaches probably the performance most expected of the night: the Amaia. Winner of OT 2017, Amaia became a phenomenon, and continues to be. Guitar in hand, has presented its first single. Only she, because she does not lack anything more, as he did not when he was in OT.


close the lines, because you can not call more, or to vote more. Alba, Natalia and Famous will be the one to take the baton as the winner of OT 2018.


Ambush OT. Roberto Leal asked to say why they should be voted out. Alba has not prepared, do not know what to say and leaves the step as you can. The same Famous and Natalia "I can't say anything more than what you have told them."


Natalia sings Crazy. Another that has evolved cloth, telita, fabric. "In life you never stop learning and you that you apply each day. That is why it has been wonderful to enjoy you and learn with you and from you", has been the last jury's evaluation of the hand of Ana Torroja. Although I must say that these last three performances have not been the best. Note that the pressure and stress because you know if will culminate with the triumph has been able to more than they. We can not ask for more.


"I Natalia I admire her a lot... it Is such a good person. There is nothing that I don't like"; "Natalia is from another planet, is the planet Pamplona". The turn comes to Natalia, and when you finish the fate is sealed. Of the three of them will come out the winner in OT 2018.


"I Want you to know that the other day I dropped a bit by what I told you... it's Famous Eurovision!", Joe Perez Orive it is very clear. The Faith of the now Famous shows that this guy is an example of evolution and innate talent.


the turn comes to Famous and teachers and peers have nothing more than praise for him (I also). "I know you trust him more and it shows so much"; "neither we Nor he are aware of that is able to do"; "The day that Famous end of mature, we're going to freak out in color". Amen.


"I Hope you do whatever you want for a long, long, long time and that we see", is the valuation of Manuel Martos. And this is going to full speed.


The first performance of Alba Reche was with a Dangerous Woman. With it is played to enter the Academy and now are playing to be the winner of OT 2018. Surprised, then, dazzled then, and will do, for sure.


Passing to the second round, in compliance with the forecasts, Alba Reche, Famous and Natalia. Now put the marker to zero, and we have already opened the lines to vote for any of the three. and now will sing the song that premiered at the gala 0. The first will be Alba Reche.

And again review of the Academy. I understand that you have to fill in, but we have already reviewed. It's time to see what they have said teachers and classmates it. "Has a single seal"; "Dawn is magical, Dawn is an artist with capital letters"; "I foresee a great future as a singer"; "Has a soul and an angel...";


The fourth contestant with 12% of the votes is... Sabela


The contestant that has remained in fifth place with 10% of the votes is... Julia

"I Am very grateful to the program, to my peers... I've used every day, every week... I'm going to eat puntillitas with my friends!"


At this point, close the lines of the first ballot. In anything you'll know which three go to the final vote where you will sing the first song that they sang in the OT 2018. "Nothing we're going to leave doubts", says Roberto Leal. Gosh, that is already already!


Ends the performance of Pablo Alborán. That grateful is this guy, really. "Enjoy the journey and trust of the people. I'm here for everything you need. Hit me a shout. I'm here for everything you need". I eat it with potatoes.


Since has been sung by all and the lines are still open a poquillo more. Meanwhile last connection with the Academy this OT 2018. "We are excited and descojonados, also. We want to end because we are tired, but OT is so special that in any program will be live performances such as these", and Naomi had to hold back the tears.There could be No better director of the Academy is the edition that is and how.


Since then Sabela and a finalist because it could not be another more than her. Has returned to lead the galician home of all the spectators and has again made so colossal. I'm not surprised that you are in the betting games to win the final OT 2018.

"you Are faithful to your essence and to your roots, but even so we have discovered a range of Sabela. Out there already, you'll choose what you want to be, but thank you for making us enjoy it." Word of Ana Torroja.


"Inside of me, a part I knew something good would happen in OT. I have a very responsible and another that is the exact opposite of that. The scenario for me I still find it cold.I never thought that he was going to like the public because I have a style that's very particular that not everyone likes. No I wont win, since getting here has been for me to win. Like the tele I don't know if it is for me, but OT is for me. By Sabela.


Sabela will be the last to sing. She will do it again in your native language, galician, because it feels comfortable, because it represents who she is. Sabela can give you a surprise, and the sorpasso of the night.


"You have been another gift to this program. I the coming year on these dates, I am sure that I shall ask the Magi to your disk", has been the valuation of Joe Perez Orive. Yes, lord, Natalia has been a gift and, probably, without it in this OT, he would have missed one of the legs to which it has been held.


the Performance that most end-of-OT seems to Eurovision. Superb. Only Natalia and a long tulle skirt and a great game of lights. Of total musical, like the song that you chose. I still have the hairs like hooks. We may like more or less this OT, but the final is being glorified.


"This experience has made that I could confirm I could do these things, that could work, that could work. My father told me that mola is the group that we are. The share this has been so special... I Am attempting to assimilate everything that has happened to me and I'm trying to internalize that this is completed. And I like it because it means that I have been clade, and to me it costs you the things I warmup". So is Natalia.


Natalia, the penultimate song. Its Never enough going to boot more than a few tears. "As someone with a voice more acute does it better...", I doubt it. "I've worked like all the time and I have enjoyed it like all the time."


"Always you give it your stamp. A seal where it is known hypersensitivity, with a voice full of twists and turns, nuances, with a record that from the sweetness up to the power. No matter what you've accomplished the true triumph of this program, is that everyone knows who is Julia," she says, Manuel Martos. Jury is politically correct.


Julia has been correct, has been as she is, has been good, very good, but to me, on the contrary that Manu Guix, Julia in the end I do not like it as much as the Julia from the beginning. The performance has had some glitches of pitch. Julia was very nervous, and has passed the bill at the end of OT 2018, but I think that Julia is already over by the end, the victors and the vanquished.


"The first few times that I sang here was not aware of the people that saw him. But after signing each time I was getting a little more nervous. And now I'm of reconciliation with the scenario (...) Also, I've noticed how bad are the prejudices. I struggled to open myself because I am very shy, but now it is one hundred percent of who I am. I'm not going to win, but if I win I will go to eat puntillitas with all the world." This is Julia, just Julia.


"I initially had a barrier that did not allow to show anything and now I'm deshinibida", explains Roberto Leal. And you are absolutely right. Julia has been opening up little by little, as the good essences, as the best perfumes. Julia has been a favorite, has been nominated by the jury, has been saved by the teachers and, probably, it is the contestants who has suffered for his inner intensity and his voice, oh that voice!


And after the break comes the moment of Julia. "Very nervous," he admits. You have chosen a song from Manuel Carrasco for the day was to visit the Academy loved it with the guitar. "Wise choice", said Manu Guix. "I like much more the Julia to the end than the beginning"; "you Have light, you have magic"; "The more you look more cool", are gaps of the things that we have told the teachers this week.


"This is a wonderful opportunity. And from here begins the hard work and stew slow, but do not lose heart ever." The council of Rozalén for the 'triunfitos'.


A breath (what I need) after which has made it Famous. Performance of Rozalén and David Otero, and we continue to bingo.


If you do not say to sick with to: the host! Now, for someone to say that Famous don't deserve to win or that it would not be an exceptional nominee for Eurovision song contest (by the way that from the 01.45 you can already listen to a minute of the preset songs for the festive season and you can already vote). Famous, Is simply-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-a-R.


"The Famous of before you drop a lot of eggs. At the beginning it was hard, but I was adapting. Always when I was low I have always been given advice to go forward (...) My father always laughed at me because when he danced he told me 'you to the dance 'not like that', now it's not what you think. I was happy to see my parents so happy". So it is Famous.


And there comes "the beast". Yes, it comes Famous. Notice that the And Im telling you Im not going from Famous to sing is of fireworks. Grab a tissue, clinex, tissues, what you have at hand. "A child in the body of a man", went on to say Naomi Galley of it. Because the child is no longer as a child, he made very large, bigger if possible.


"you've been a gift to this program. Just OT, it is just the year, just the Academy and I don't know if it will be a good year for music, if we will win Eurovision song contest or if there will be OT, but it will give the same because you have to you." You can say higher but not clearer. Joe is crazy about Alba.


Wow, wow and reguau! Amazing. The tuning problems that you have had during the week has left them well kept, though in the end he has gone a little. Piece of action, at the height of their historical La llorona.


"If I win, my mother will not have to worry about the rent and I will invest in musical training". These are the dreams of Alba Reche if it becomes the winner at the end of OT 2018. "I think that I am not yet aware of that we're playing at sites so large where I was going to see people that I admired (...) reminded Me of that phrase: 'there Will be days that cost more, but worth it.'" And now Dawn to sing.


The first to sing at the end of OT 2018 will be Alba Reche with Creep, from Radiohead. This week has been met, 21 years old, who pillara and between your wishes have been asked for a tent so that they could cram all. "The family that we have made is incredible," he said this week.


"it Has been a week of tension, stress, nerves. There are many mixed emotions. The most important thing is that you should leave that stress aside and enjoy and we do enjoy," I advised Ana Torroja. "There has never been a final so close", totally agree with Joe Perez Orive.


You see them nervous, how to not be pregnant! And fist, the symbol of the OT. "92 days after we will know the winner of OT 2018", starts Roberto Leal gala. And there they all are, the 16, become to recover.


Starts the gala final OT 2018 with the five by Lady Gaga. I must say that the group of this edition have not been of the best, and this is not going to break the curse.


For once and without a precedent 1 is going to start the gala on time. I Braco! I say that we want to get some sleep.


Julia is probably the voice most powerful of the five finalists, but has been deflating I think part of why the topics of the last galas. All of the same cut, the same style. Julia was a clear favorite at the start of the program and although it has had many problems with his voice, today might be in the scramble for the win. Although it gives me to me that it falls on the first ballot.

Alba Reche is the Bonnie Tyler of this edition, but with much more versatility. You have a voice that engages you, that emboba, surprising, and, in addition, it has a charism of great artists. Deserving finalist, and would be more than just winning.

Famous, phew Famous. His performances have been typical of a gala of MTV or of a final of the Superbowl. Simply spectacular in every way. Does fata mean more.

And Natalia, the versatility made artist. It has been played with, has been particularly risky with everything and has come out victorious all the times. Without a doubt, it is the contestant's perfect.


let's Go one by one. We have to Sabela, who has been climbing as a possible winner at the speed of light. The galician has been the mother of the Academy and has shown what can be achieved with much effort and with good songs. At the beginning I put a few themes that, in order to...

as he found his place Sabela has been unstoppable. Today, again, has chosen his mother tongue, to put the finishing touch to your step in the competition and I wouldn't be surprised that at the end of the Gala Roberto Leal say your name as the winner. Of first nominee to the winner of OT 2018. Glory be blessed!


Although the followers of the program have the heart very divided on the last pass of the micros of the performances tonight have been two of them that have left ojipláticos teachers. The first, Natalia. This girl turned to gold everything that he touches. It has been the perfect student, the contestant perfect. Has not failed in a single gala, and no matter what you put it that bordaba. This night I do not think that it is different.

And, the other, Famous, for me the revelation contestant of this talent. His performances have gone from more to more from the beginning. On the last pass of the micros did cry at the very same Naomi Galley (although this is not uncommon). What is certain is that I will caution that we are going to leave you speechless.


The gala will be as follows:

First the five will sing the group (The Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga), and then the song that has been chosen by them.

-Famous: And Im telling you Im not going, Jennifer Hudson.

-Natalia: Never enough, of the musical The Greatest Showman.

-Alba Reche: Creep, Radiohead.

-Sabela: Tris tras, Marful.

-Julia: Let me be Manuel Carrasco.

With the open voting sessions, the gala will continue with the review of the competition and the performances of Amaia (yes, again Amaia), Pablo Alborán, Rozalén and David Otero.

Will close the voting and tell you the name of the three most voted.

The three will perform with the song that was chosen for the first gala.

open a new vote, and thus will who is proclaimed the winner.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 23 December 2018, 08:01

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