Explosion cause unclear: the feverish search for Survivors

More than a day after the devastating explosions in Beirut, the causes of the explosions are more in the dark. President Donald Trump adding his first Statement

Explosion cause unclear: the feverish search for Survivors

More than a day after the devastating explosions in Beirut, the causes of the explosions are more in the dark. President Donald Trump adding his first Statements, it was alleged to a stop, and did not rule out on Wednesday in a car accident. Meanwhile, the feverish search went on in the landscape of Debris and search for Survivors and international aid operations for the Lebanese capital rolled in.

the two massive explosions at the port were killed, according to the Lebanese authorities, at least 113 people and more than 4,000 more have been injured. Dozens of people were still missing. Large parts of the city were severely damaged. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes. Were exploded 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which was for many years housed without appropriate precautions in a warehouse. Ammonium nitrate can be used for fertilizer or for the production of explosives.

Frustration with government

Trump said at a press conference in the White house, it could have an "accident" or an "attack" acted. At the present time, so that you know "no one". The day before, the President had caused the statement to be fluidized, in the case of the explosions had been alleged to a stop with a "type of bomb". This would have placed his generals close.

In Lebanon, the explosions fueled in large Parts of the population, Frustration with the government. In the online networks a lot of people demanded the resignation of the entire Cabinet. "Wipe!" said the popular television journalist Marcel Ghanem. "It is your low costume, and your negligence that killed the people."

before the explosions, there had been mass protests against the Lebanese government, which many people accuse of corruption and incompetence. The country is in the worst economic crisis in decades, the last seen by the Corona-pandemic worsens.

house arrest for the person responsible

The government announced to bring those responsible for the explosions to account. They called on the military to provide for the storage of ammonium nitrate responsible under house arrest.

The warehouse with the Material was in a rundown condition and had cracks in the walls, as authorities said employees of the news Agency AFP. Security forces had last year, a survey because of the building, strange odors had reached. The investigation came to the conclusion that the "dangerous" Material had to be removed from the hall. This has not happened, however.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) stressed in a telegram of Condolence to Lebanon's head of government, Hassan Diab, and that his country "could count in this hard time" on the support of the Federal government.

According to the Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) presented the Federal government in a first step, the Red cross, one Million Euro for emergency aid in Beirut available. The money should be used for First-aid stations and medical goods to care for the wounded, wrote of the Meuse in the short message service Twitter.

THW in the Emergency response

A 50-member Team of the Federal Agency for Technical relief (THW) as of flew in the night to Thursday from Frankfurt am Main to Emergency response in Beirut. The unit is intended to help in the rescue of avalanche victims, such as the THW announced. On Board the same machine also seven experts from the aid organization Isar Germany were. This was according to information from the organization to Doctors and specialists for dangerous goods.

From the Gulf countries, other countries in the Region as well as Europe's first supply of field hospitals and medicines in Lebanon arrived. Italy sent a special unit of the fire brigade for the search of environmentally harmful substances, France, three planes with rescue workers, tons of medical equipment and a mobile medical station. President Emmanuel Macron wants to visit Beirut on Thursday as the first foreign leaders after the explosions.

Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 06:20

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